Censorship: Establishment Attempts to Quash Any Talk of COVID-19 Treatments- Even by Experts



By George Miller

In the early stages of the COVID-19 panic,  President Donald Trump remarked at one of the daily meetings that it was promising that doctors had reported success in multiple programs to use the longtime common drug hydroxychloroquine. Almost immediately, he was massively attacked by media apparatchiks for spreading false information, claims that he didn’t know what he was talking about, that he wasn’t a medical professional, etc. etc. But it wasn’t him claiming a discovery. He was merely telling the public of a promising prospect he had heard of from actual medical professionals who know what they are talking about . In succeeding weeks, an article in a prestigious medical journal was published refuting the effectiveness of the therapy. Then, a retraction of the article was forced. Was this done because he is the hated Donald Trump, despised by his political/ideological enemies? Or just because the official narrative is that only a vaccine, a vaccine developed by favored channels, by favored companies, will be acceptable?

But, hydroxychloroquine is only one possible remedy. There are over 200 different medications/therapies now being evaluated. Different ones, alone or in combination with different therapies are said to work in different circumstances. Often, news of these is actually censored on social media, YouTube, etc. 

The most recent case was a very ambitious presentation/news conference (hardly any major media showed up) on the steps of the Supreme Court, by a team of doctors. The event was hosted by the organization America’s Frontline Doctors, some famous. I was amazed to see that the video of the event is being widely deleted on different sites/pages/video services, including Facebook. Down the memory hole it goes.

America’s FrontLine Doctors event on COVID-19 treatments, in front of SCOTUS building

I did find at least one video of the event still active- watch it while you can and see if it seems credible:


Looks like the 1st Amendment was canceled for that one too, now.

Read event transcript

Is this all in the spirit of freedom of speech and scientific inquiry that has made this country great? If conflicting ideas can’t fight it out via public debate, can we move forward better or worse?

I’m no medical expert, but I- and the public-  can investigate, compare credibility of different reports, organizations, ideas and decide who to support. If I was in danger of dying from a disease and no approved remedies existed, I would try the most promising ones and regulating busybodies be damned!  But hydroxychloroquine was actually  banned in Michaigan by its ignoramus governor. I wonder how many people that maneuver killed? Maybe she was too busy sending sick, elderly people into nursing homes to really investigate its effectiveness.

I’ve heard dozens of comments about this in the last couple of days from friends, associates, commentators, etc. …

If you are talking about the video of the doctors in front of the Supreme Court yesterday, how DARE Facebook say what these these doctors were saying wasn’t true. What medical expertise do they have.

The first Doctor, Dr. Bob Hamilton is one of the most highly respected pediatricians in LA, was Chief Resident of Pediatrics at UCLA, is called the “baby whisperer”, has a 26 year practice.

He also happens to be a friend of mine. Nothing he said was not true. The National Association of Pediatrics agrees with him. ABC hand picked six pediatricians who ALL said they would send their children to school.

This CENSORING has to stop. – Michael Lee Greer

7-29-20- and now their website has been shut down, too.


Fauci disagrees on hydroxychloroquine


Meanwhile, on the vaccine front:

Several Coronavirus vaccines reach late-stage trials

Operation Warp Speed, one of President Trump’s most important responses to the Coronavirus, is a historic partnership between the federal government, scientific community, and private sector to develop a safe COVID-19 vaccine in record time. Its goal is to produce 300 million doses of vaccine and have initial doses ready by January.

The once-in-a-generation effort is already achieving incredible results.

Clinical trials are showing promising early data, and manufacturing is already ramping up in preparation. Several vaccine candidates, including ones from AstraZeneca, Moderna, and Pfizer, are either in or about to begin late-stage trials.

Yesterday, President Trump toured a Fujifilm Diosynth Biotechnologies plant in North Carolina, where he gave reporters an update about progress toward a vaccine.

“Not only is Operation Warp Speed accelerating the development of a vaccine—we’re also directing a colossal industrial mobilization to ensure its rapid delivery,” he said. “Nothing has happened like this since the end of World War II.”

Rather than rely on government command-and-control schemes to fight the Coronavirus, the Trump Administration is marshalling America’s scientific genius across the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. The FDA has authorized more than 185 tests under emergency authorities, including at least 30 antibody tests.

As a result of all these efforts, a number of promising therapies for the Coronavirus, such as Remdesivir, have been identified and are already in use.

– Source: Whitehouse.gov


The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal


George Miller is Publisher/Co-Founder of CitizensJournal.us and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard.

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thomas kelly
thomas kelly
2 months ago

America’s Frontline doctors are not frontline at all.
None of these doctors are involved with infectious diseases.
They have something in common – they are part of the Tea Party Patriots – they are political.
That fact rather cancels the whole deal.

William Hicks
William Hicks
2 months ago


My wife has broken both femurs at different times. The first operation was done through laparoscopic methods and the most recent one was done by older more invasive methods. Both essentially provided the same service by different methods.

Was one wrong and the other correct? There was a difference but am I supposed to say one was wrong?

The same goes for the various therapies for COVID-19.

Sheryl hamlin
Sheryl hamlin
2 months ago

On CNBC recently Bill Gates admitted recently that we need a cure…now…to save lives. The vaccine is years away.

William Hicks
William Hicks
2 months ago
Reply to  Sheryl hamlin

The question remains, what constitutes a cure? IF we wait for the “vaccine” will that “cure” be fatal to ur national economy?
Remember, even those “vaccinated” for influenza and other diseases aren’t 100% cured. Some still succumb to the ravages of disease, even when vaccinated. Are we going to wait in lockdown until the cure rate is 100%?

William Hicks
William Hicks
2 months ago
Reply to  William Hicks

Bill Gates has a right to an opinion but not a right to give medical advice.

Sheryl hamlin
Sheryl hamlin
2 months ago

NBC News claims “Dark Money” behind the video …where have we see this before…

In the politics of the United States, dark money refers to political spending by nonprofit organizations — for example, 501(c)(4) (social welfare) 501(c)(5) (unions) and 501(c)(6) (trade association) groups — that are not required to disclose their donors.[3][4] Such organizations can receive unlimited donations from corporations, individuals and unions. In this way, their donors can spend funds to influence elections, without voters knowing where the money came from….Wikipedia