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    City Of Oxnard To Open All Facilities To The Public on February 14

    By Citizens Journal
    Effective February 14, 2022, the City will reopen all facilities to the public and all employees are expected to return to the workplace. The temporary work from home policy which was in place during the pandemic is rescinded. This notice is being sent now so that you can prepare for your return to the workplace. The COVID protocol which we have been using as our policy during this time will be updated this week to reflect a full return to work. However, while that is being done please read below for the most relevant changes that will be in effect on February 14.
    Core Business Hours: The City’s core hour’s policy will be back effective 2/14/22. This means for employees who work the typical 9/80 schedule you are required to be at work between the hours of 9:00 am and 5:00 pm. If you have questions about this policy, please contact the Human Resources Analyst assigned to your department.
    Masking: Masking is required of all employees while at work. Only N95 or KN95 masks are permitted. Cloth masks and surgical masks are not allowed. The City is providing KN95 masks to all employees. Please check with the safety coordinator in your area if you need a KN95 mask.
    Meetings: Meetings should continue to be done virtually as often as possible.
    Time Off: The City is still allowing the use of SPSL under its own policy if you have been fully vaccinated, test positive, and need to quarantine. Please review the COVID protocol policy and contact your time keeper if you need to quarantine due to infection and believe you qualify for the City’s SPSL.  
    You will need to use your own leave bank if you need to remain home to care for a family member due to a school or daycare closure. Only in emergency situations, which will require approval by your department head and Human Resources, will any work from home due to quarantine be allowed.
    City Equipment: If you have been working from home, please return all City owned equipment by February 17, 2022 so that it can be checked back in and secured as appropriate. Check with your department management for directions on who is performing this function.
    Any policy questions about this change should be directed to Human Resources. All other questions that are operational should be directed to your department management team.
    Visit the city to find out more

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