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    Commentary | Assuring free & fair elections is not racist…But allowing illegal voting/schemes IS racist!

    By Kevin McGary

    Rasmussen polls recently confirmed that over two-thirds of Black voters (approx. 70%) support voter ID laws.  Black voters understand that voter fraud undermines black voices; this is the most prevalent form of voter disenfranchisement. When black voices are silenced, all “Black life” is damaged in general.


    Howling “media,” pundits, and Corporations constantly looking for opportunities to “virtue signal,” have made a spectacle out of new voting laws in Georgia. Due to the apparent lack of safeguards during the Presidential election of 2020, Georgia has tried to address significant irregularities in their respective election laws. Preventing future voting irregularities and associated schemes is essential. It helps confirm to voters that future elections will be free & fair for ALL voters. 

    When the will of all legal Georgia voters is carried out via the ballot box, Georgia can be more robust, safer, and more accountable to the State’s citizens. It is a fact: The best remedy to mitigate voter disenfranchisement is to make sure there are free and fair elections devoid of fraud.

    Conversely, it is wholly racist to undermine fair and fully accountable elections willfully. Recent polling confirms this fact. Rasmussen polls recently confirmed that over two-thirds of Black voters (approx. 70%) support voter ID laws.  Black voters understand that voter fraud undermines black voices; this is the most prevalent form of voter disenfranchisement. When black voices are silenced, all “Black life” is damaged in general.

    Is the lack of election integrity racist?
    Admittedly, most people don’t usually consider a lack of election integrity to be racist. But when you contemplate the purposeful silencing of voices and nullify those voices (via illegal voting), it becomes more apparent. One of the worst affronts to our collective dignity is the active undermining of our vote. Yet, we have been witnessing active schemes designed to enshrine voter fraud to assure specific prescribed political outcomes (HR 1 is a perfect example of this).

    In the past, voter disenfranchisement generally referred to any disproportional barriers that would prevent certain communities from expressing themselves via their vote. Often, people like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton would express outrage about blacks being disenfranchised when seemingly onerous conditions like voter ID’s and lack of convenient access to voting booths/stations were disproportional as compared to other communities.  While there have been tremendous strides made by all States providing universal and free access to personal identification cards and wider access to polling places, there continues to a neutralizing factor that still mutes Black voices and Black choices in every election. The epitome of Black voter disenfranchisement is when Black votes are muted (not properly weighed and counted) because they are“neutralized”  via acts of illegal, fraudulent votes! This is the ultimate disenfranchisement, and it must end.

    The Biden Administration
    Under the guise of “racial disparities,” we’ve heard Biden recently insinuating that blacks are somehow too inept and need special consideration to use the internet to take actions like registering for vaccinations and/or to vote. By definition, this is racist and insulting! Look at the total contradictions where so many people recognize ID cards are needed to get a job, get into Govt offices, get prescriptions, get healthcare, drive a car, go on an airplane or train, buy alcohol, get a bank account, cash a check, buy cigarettes, buy a house or rent an apartment, get a cell phone, graduate from college, apply for a loan, travel or to do almost ANYTHING – but then they claim blacks are just too inept (or stupid) to accommodate getting identification to vote. These propagandist talking points are insulting and manifestly racist! People who imply blacks lack the common sense to do what it takes to vote are the confirmed racists pushing diabolical deeds designed to silence and nullify legitimate votes of black Americans. It is time to hold all accountable for these inaccurate, insulting, and quite degrading tropes directed at the black community! It is time we insist that the most effective way to become an “anti-racist” in this regard is to ensure timely and accurate accounting for all legal votes. All legal votes matter!

    MLB decision about Georgia
    Instead of Major League Baseball (MLB) and other companies moving venues and threatening Georgians, they should redouble efforts to expand services in Georgia. The MLB alone was destined to bring over $190,000,000 in commerce during the MLB All-Star festivities; this represents tens of thousands of employment opportunities for Georgians! The Georgia employment segment is made up of majority-minority; blacks are the overwhelming majority of minority employment in Georgia. This means blacks are disproportionally harmed by MLB and other companies who think it’s more important to socially preen about being “woke,” instead of encouraging even more safeguards for voters. If MLB and other companies were truly concerned about helping and supporting black lives, they would applaud the changes in Georgia voting laws that ensure every legal vote’s accuracy.  They would expand to even more venues in Georgia!  

    We have written an open letter to the MLB asking them to reconsider their decision withdrawal from Georgia for the 2021 All-Star games.  Please add your name.

    With Georgia’s notable vote irregularities of the past, there’s little doubt many blacks saw nullification of their collective will. The surprising truth is:  any illegal vote creates voter disenfranchisement (generally), but due to the ratio as a percentage of the population, vote fraud imposes a disproportionally negative effect on Black life (especially Black life in urbanized, poor communities).

    Where is the courage? Where is justice?
    It is incredibly disheartening that the same people who decried voter disenfranchisement in past elections now not only tolerate but applaud apparent irregularities and a lack of transparency that took place in past Georgia elections. While Georgia voters were seemly disenfranchised, many of those same people want to ensure “irregular” voting schemes continue perpetually.  Based upon their actions, it seems like MLB and other companies are complicit.

    It is now clear that past cries of voter disenfranchisement were not about “justice” at the ballot box.  Instead, these tactics were likely used as a cudgel to agitate and divide when certain factions’ desired outcomes weren’t realized. Now, millions of Georgia citizens  have been affected via lack of integrity and transparency in the voting processes, so “Who will now take up the mantle to help and support the disenfranchised?” Who will stand with communities (and especially underserved Black communities) who exercised their right and responsibility to vote, only to see political operatives and opportunists mute their collective voices? Every Black Life Matters (EBLM) will!

    Stand with us!
    EBLM resolutely demands integrity and full transparency in our electoral processes. Fundamentally, EBLM thoroughly rejects any/all continued vote schemes and “irregularities” because we know that if we could simply eliminate them, underserved black voters would be able to vote based on their life prospects and economic conditions expressly. If there are no illegal votes, underserved Black communities would be able to express their desire for School Choice alternatives appropriately. If there are no illegal votes, blacks would be able to vote for the $500 billion in additional investment promised under the “Platinum Plan.”  If there is no illegal voting, our public servants would better serve ALL Americans at all levels (local, state, federal) because accountability would be certain! Make no mistake, the lack of vote integrity is the purest and most descriptive definition of voter disenfranchisement.

    Join us! Every Black Life Matters stands for free and fair elections for all. Further, we stand against all irregularities/fraud, cheating, and undermining of American voices at the ballot box. Additionally, disproportional and systemic negative effects targeted at underserved Black communities makes us especially sensitive to these communities’ fight to be respected, heard, and fully acknowledged through the vote. Please stand with us as we stand against all manner of disenfranchisement.

    We have written an open letter to the MLB asking them to reconsider their decision withdrawal from Georgia for the 2021 All-Star games.  Please add your name.

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal

    Kevin McGary is an entrepreneur, author, and public speaker. In the arena of civic engagement, Kevin serves as Chairman of the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California, and is an executive with the Douglass Leadership Institute and the Northstar Leadership Pac. He is president of  Every Black Life Matters

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