Commentary | Democrats Pushing the Dream Act At The Wrong Time!



By Robin Hvidston

Democrats in the House of Representatives moved forward this week with a vote on the American Dream and Promise Act 2021.

“It is reprehensible that Speaker Pelosi is pushing a vote on Dream Act amnesty when our country is fighting a pandemic and we are facing a crisis at the border,” Robin Hvidston, Executive Director for We The People Rising and California Coordinator for The Remembrance Project, said. “Our members of congress should be writing legislation to end the crisis that has been created at the border and focus on helping struggling American families during this pandemic.”

The pandemic has taken an unthinkable toll on the children of America.

For example, U.S. foster kids have been negatively impacted. The more than 400,000 U.S. foster kids have severely suffered  as a result of the pandemic. Children in foster care are especially harmed by losses to in-person instruction as well as government funding.  “The crisis in the U.S. foster care system should be the focus of lawmakers,” Hvidston said.  “Where is the Dream and Promise Act for U.S. kids?”

The Biden administration opened up a pathway for minor children and border crossers to enter and then reside in the United States, creating an unprecedented crisis at the border. U.S. border agents detained nearly 100,000 migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border in February, and it is predicted that number will be much greater in March. This has enabled smuggling cartels to flourish and is a vehicle that creates a super spreader of the virus pandemic.

“Lawmakers should focus on legislation to secure the border and  help American families,” Hvidston said. Their organization has been networking with groups nationwide, contacting members of congress, urging them to vote no on the Dream Act at this time of national crisis.

Robin Hvidston is Executive Director of The People Rising

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