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    The Road to Tyranny by Don Jans

    Commentary Open Letter to the People of Canada in the aftermath of Tyranny

    by Dan Reynolds

    When the people of Canada (and this goes for any country) go to their elected officials office and ask for assistance it is the job of the elected office staff and personnel to find a way to help the citizen receive the assistance they need. It is also the job of the staff who work in the elected offices and elected official to follow the laws of their country and due process to be followed in all legal maters.

    There was no due process with the truckers or the small businesses of Canada and there was no solution or assistance given to the small businesses of Canada who were forced to shut their doors during the Covid Crisis just like here in the USA.

    Today in watching the following interview with one of the volunteers of the Canadian Truck Drivers I learned the Canadian Government turned the Banks into deputies and attacked Truckers relatives bank accounts, credit reporting ratings, and cancelled credit cards and the relatives were not part of the protest but were just relatives of those protesting.

    So all these frozen accounts and seized vehicles are due to people protesting peacefully? What? The Canadian elected officials are afraid of working for the people who elected them to office?  I thought the USA was bad.

    But this? This Canadian Government’s actions compare to some of Stalin’s Tactics: Bow and submit or you and your whole family and your whole business will suffer ! Which is what Canada’s Government has done.

    The United States to be very honest has done the same by denying due process or forced people into political prisons.  And yet both the USA and Canada blame all Russians and accuse Russians of being like Stalin.

    I had warned about using credit cards for years to protect oneself from this type of over-reach by lawless Governments. But convenience comes at a cost and being able to track how to stop a person who has a credit card or debit card doing a peaceful protest becomes easy to do when they have cards and not cash on hand or burner cards on hand.

    Having watched over 20 hours of footage of the protests in Canada I have not seen any violence by the protestors against the Police. Nor have I seen any violence by the protestors against any businesses. 

    All I have seen are people walking, singing, dancing, shoveling snow, picking up garbage, and cleaning buildings or cleaning statues or memorials.  Lets be clear here. Before the protests began the streets were dirty, litter was everywhere, Garbage was not picked up and streets and walkways were not shoveled to clear a clean path for the pedestrian. When the protests began it was the protestors doing all the work of gathering garbage and disposing of the garbage in the proper locations, shoveling snow, and picking up the trash/litter on the ground.  Yet the Main Stream News Media have dictated the narrative that the protestors were violent and never wanted to talk to government but force government officials out of office!  

    Not once did any Protestor demand the over throw of government, and not once was there any violence by the protestors. But there are first person reports coming out that the United Nations personnel did join the Canadian Police in military body armor and weapons to violently beat down the peaceful protestors. — Just like the FBI and CIA did the January 6th D.C. event to get the people to enter the capital.

    So those of you in the Our Revolution Movement here in the USA and the remnants of the dejunked Democratic Party and those of you in the Republican Party this is your literal wake up to where our Nation is headed if you do not change your paths right now in how you are messaging and controlling the narratives in your news cycles, political bullshit warfare !

    We are this close to becoming a communist country where there is no law but only those in the elected office who pretend to be the owners of this Nation who are the ones everyone works for and lives and dies for! This is not the American Way and this is not what this country is to be.

    Look folks: Below are the facts. Watch and learn the truth of Canada’s Government being the real Stalin followers !

    Banks Have Begun Freezing Accounts Linked to Trucker Protest

    By Katherine Fung, 2/18/22

    Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland said in a press conference that financial institutions have started freezing accounts and canceling credit cards… Video Link:

    Canadian protester’s truck seized, bank accounts frozen over connection to Freedom Convoy

    Derek Brouwer said he doesn’t know where his truck is or what happened to it

    By Amy Nelson, Fox News, Published February 21, 2022

    Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act for the first time in Canadian history on Feb. 14 to bring the protests, which had been largely peaceful, to a stop…Video Link:

    Canada unfreezes bank accounts linked to ‘Freedom Convoy, by Barnini Chakraborty, Senior Investigations Reporter, February 23, 2022. Same Video as above:

    Authorities had also seized the bank accounts associated with protest organizers as well as any Business tied to the blockade of truckers upset over COVID-19 restrictions. › news › canada-unfreezes-bank-accounts-linked-to-freedom-convoy

    Canada Unlocks ‘Vast Majority’ of Bank Accounts Frozen over Support for Trucker Convoy

    National Review, By Zachary Evans, February 23, 2022. Article Link:

    After Trudeau Freezes Protesters’ Bank Accounts a Run on Canadian Banks Shuts Down Services, Feb. 17

    Shaun Zimmer recently travelled from Winnipeg to Ottawa to show his support for the trucker’s convoy, and now he no longer has access to his funds

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

    Dan Reynolds is a resident of Ventura County

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