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    By Al X

    This is directed at people who have received the covid “vaccinations.” They don’t even qualify as legitimate vaccines, but you are oblivious to that and other inconvenient facts that should’ve prevented you from getting inoculated in the first place. You get your “news” from mainstream media, believe in wearing masks and adore Grand(Pa) Poohbah Dr. Anthony Fauci. In reality you’re scared shitless and refuse to venture outside your temporarily safe orbit to research what is really going on.

    OK, so you got injected with a potentially perilous potion – now STFU about it.

    Why the hysterical, maniacal push to get the entire country – and world for that matter – injected with  concoctions that have been granted only emergency use authorization by the FDA? That means they are experimental and haven’t gone through the typical 10-20 years of testing and clinical stages to which previous vaccines have been subjected.

    Seems the informed consent form you likely breezed through shockingly neglects to forewarn of a deadly known risk. Did the shot-giver advise you that Moderna and Pfizer brews are utilizing never before injected into humans messenger RNA technology? And that these formulations will not prevent you from getting the coronavirus or spreading it to others, just lessen your symptoms? Are you familiar with the Nuremburg Code?

    And you trust Johnson & Johnson to do the right thing?

    Countless doctors are sounding dire warnings, and here, here, here about these gene therapies. Would they risk reputations and careers to peddle poppycock? Yes, if you believe Big Tech “fact checkers,” Big Pharma and their mainstream media ass-smoochers. Even a former Pfizer executive (and doctor) is voicing alarming concerns. Did you see Dr. Yeadon on CNN? Of course not.

    You’re a gullible human guinea pig, rolling your own health dice because of a purported virus that has a 99+% recovery rate for all age groups except the elderly (94%) while the majority of people died with one or more comorbidities such as obesity, diabetes, or hypertension. The average age for someone dying with covid is 78.6.

    Are you aware how many people have suffered serious adverse effects or died soon after receiving the injections? But incredibly, Big Pharma will not be held accountable for any problems.

    I could speculate it’s not your fault for being an ignoramus and believing the propaganda and dastardly deceptions of our government, Big Pharma and sold-out media shills. But it is your fault, because there is another dimension of informed dissent at your fingertips, but you instead choose to be led around like a hog at the fair – animals that wind up on breakfast platters.

    Just hush about your dubious achievement. Shut your piehole and stop bragging. If you want to puff your chest about what a hero you are, do it in the mirror. You’re making it increasingly more difficult and potentially dangerous for folks who want to retain body sovereignty and use proven therapeutics and a healthy lifestyle to ward off covid and other viruses. People who crow about getting “vaccinated” are playing into sinister hands.

    Israel has already instituted a two-tiered society with “vaccinations” required to participate in what were formerly unmonitored activities. New York has introduced the Excelsior Pass, to ensure only “vaccinated” or recently negatively tested patrons will be able to attend ballgames or other functions. Many California politicians are clamoring for outlandish requirements that all citizens be vaccinated – with unapproved experimental jabs?! This is dangerous extremism quickly lurching towards totalitarian control over our lives.

    I don’t want to end up in a gulag because I choose not to be injected. Even though you took the shots, they’ll put you in there, too – for something else.

    When someone I haven’t seen in a while gushes that they’ve just gotten “vaccinated,” I politely exit the conversation and take my leave. It’s a done deal for you, duped dope. Sorry, but you’re beyond reason. If critical independent thought impulse hasn’t seeped into your zombified gray matter by now, I’m not the guy you’ll want to chat with about the weather.

    What will it take for people to wake the hell up? Bill Gates is not our friend!

    It’s nonstop TV badgering about taking the “vaccinations” so we can “get back to normal,” which will never arrive. Did Dolly Parton win you over? In the UK, oh so caring celebrities try to cajole vaccine hesitant Blacks to roll up the sleeves because their lives matter. However, we are warned that even after taking the jabs, masks and social distancing must be continued. If so, then what was the purpose of getting “vaccinated” in the first place? New variant threats will always be lurking to foment tweaked recipes that will necessitate covid “vaccinations” (and keep filling Big Pharma coffers) forever. This should arouse suspicion inside even the thickest of skulls.

    People are realizing there is a lot of corona bologna out there.

    My son, with whom I’m frequently at odds over the calamitous state of our nation, told me that his English teacher (via Zoom) informed the class that she’d received her first Pfizer jab, plus with uninformed temerity urged students to get “vaccinated” as quickly as possible, for the good of humankind. That woman should stop watching Dr. Sanjay Gupta and read some of what Dr. Joseph Mercola has to say. At least get an alternative angle to the suspect narrative. She should also be counseled about being unqualified to dispense medical advice, but that won’t happen because the school administration is shackled by fear, ignorance and propaganda.

    Our society better wise up soon, or we’re headed for dark places.

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

    Al X resides in Ventura County

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    Mike Smith
    Mike Smith
    1 year ago

    Look: both the vaccines and masks are more tools of Marxist-Leninist us-versus-them virtue signalling than ‘public safety’.

    Democrat governors and urban mayors realize left-wing election wins result from pitting residents against each other; they do not cause it. Thus the government exploitation of COVID-19 in every populous state and city.

    Especially the shutdowns, which pit big businesses and government against small business owners and their customers. This is about control.

    Freda E. Logan
    Freda E. Logan
    1 year ago

    Thank you, Al X. I’m with you 100%. Even though I live in Florida where society is a whole lot more open, there are certain groups (like the Bridge players at Bradenton Yacht Club) who continue to shun those of us who are not interested in an experimental injection.

    David Puu
    David Puu
    1 year ago

    Good read. Thanks to CJ for publishing it. What a mess we have on our hands.

    It is not like the serum developers have sterling product development histories either. Then there is Moderna.

    And the J&J serum manufacturer Emergent, having to throw out 62 million dosages.

    Then there is the AstraZeneca serum which they also produce, being banned in various countries over dangerous side effects.

    I do not understand why people would place their lives at risk, as well as those of their families when this virus seeded disease in proven to be defeated using simple health and pharmaceutical protocols. Especially when caught early, which application of the serum technology may actually prevent, by defeating presentation of symptoms.

    This mess was likely over. Now it is going to perpetuate. Human Rights violations will increase and with long term clinicals not scheduled to complete till late 2022, early 2023 and those not having a clean control group… we all are at risk now.

    1 year ago
    Reply to  David Puu

    Yes indeed, you’ve convinced me. Vaccines = bad.

    Especially that polio vaccine. How can I maintain my carefully crafted, ruggedly self-reliant image when they jabbed me with that thing as a baby without my permission?? And all the side effects I’ve endured through my life because of it. Don’t get me started.

    A huge thanks to you for saving me from another **B**A**D** vaccine!!!

    Okay, gotta run. It’s time to go attach the gun rack to my pickup and drive around town with my American flag so I can show everyone I’m a bad-ass Patriot.

    George Pattone
    George Pattone
    1 year ago
    Reply to  Jesse

    Polio vaccines were studied and tested a lot longer for a more insidious disease, Einstein….
    Covid reported deaths were fabricated numbers for political means…
    Wake up and use some critical reasoning skills….

    Kari J
    Kari J
    1 year ago
    Reply to  Jesse

    The polio vaccine is administered orally.

    C. Collier
    C. Collier
    1 year ago

    I’m wondering how long it will be before we start seeing those ad on TV, “did you or a loved on suffer serious illness or even death after receiving the COVID vaccine? Call 1-800-SHYSTER and see if you have a case”.

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