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    Contractors State License Board Helps Consumers with $5 Million Solar Energy System Restitution Program

    News Release

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. – The Contractors State License Board (CSLB), the entity charged with protecting consumers and licensing and regulating solar contractors in California, is using $5 million in one-time funding from the California Legislature to provide compensation to consumers that have incurred an unpaid financial loss or injury after contracting for the installation of a solar energy system.

    The Solar Energy System Restitution Program (SESRP) offers reimbursement to qualifying consumers who were defrauded or financially harmed by licensed or unlicensed solar contractors. The program was created by Assembly Bill 137 in July 2021 and is administered by the CSLB. Over $700,000 in restitution has already been awarded to eligible consumers. Restitution payments are only available as long as there are appropriated moneys available for payment.

    “The Contractors State License Board takes disciplinary action against identified bad actors,” said CSLB Registrar David Fogt. “The vast majority of solar contractors are honest and hard-working who provide excellent service to California consumers. Unfortunately, a few unscrupulous operators are taking advantage of unsuspecting customers.”

    Restitution through the SESRP may be available to any California consumer who:

    resides in a single-family residence,
    contracted for a solar energy system on or after January 1, 2016,
    suffered an unresolved financial loss or injury as a result, and
    can establish their eligibility through any one of the available methods prescribed by the SESRP.

    CSLB urges eligible consumers to complete the SESRP claim form available on CSLB’s website in both English and Spanish. The form includes additional information about the program and some screening questions to determine eligibility for restitution.

    Any questions regarding the Solar Energy System Restitution Program may be directed to CSLB at [email protected]

    About CSLB: CSLB operates under the umbrella of the Department of Consumer Affairs and licenses and regulates nearly 285,000 contractors in California. In 2021, CSLB helped consumers recover more than $44 million in ordered restitution. | |



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