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    Court Rules School Districts in California Can’t Mandate Vaccines

    By Pasquale Talarico

    A California appeals court ruled on Tuesday that only the state, and not individual school districts, can issue vaccine mandates for students. [Napa Valley Register]

    The ruling comes following a legal challenge to the San Diego Unified School District’s attempt to mandate COVID-19 vaccines for students ages 16 and older. It marks the first ruling by a state appeals court and will be binding on lower courts statewide unless overturned by the California Supreme Court or contradicted by another appeals court.

    In Sept. 2021, the San Diego district, which is California’s second largest school district, proposed requiring its older students to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in order to attend classes and participate in sports and other in-person events. The proposed mandate would allow for medical exemptions but not religious or personal ones. Later, the district announced it would postpone any mandate until at least July 2023.

    “The Legislature has mandated that public health officials — not school authorities — determine the disease(s) for which vaccinations are required,” the California 4th District Court of Appeal in San Diego stated on Tuesday.

    California requires schoolchildren to be vaccinated against 10 communicable diseases, including measles, mumps, chicken pox, polio and rubella. The appeals court noted state law allows the California Department of Public Health to add diseases to that list, but it does not expressly authorize local agencies to do so.

    Click here to read the full article in Cal Coast


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    Brian Kearsey
    Brian Kearsey
    1 year ago

    Preventing schools from mandating vaccines is very positive, but that good news is dwarfed by the fact the ruling purports to claim the state of California CAN mandate them! We are at war against demonic spirits, Marxists, megalomaniacs, and greedy, amoral manimals who have human bodies but they are more animal in nature. The war is far from new – the Cold War never ended. The John Birch Society was the ONLY nationally organized group to understand and declare this in real time, and they were the ONLY nationally organized opposition to fight it for many decades. They are hardly perfect – humans are involved! – but they are a national treasure and invaluable resource in this war. I know because I’ve been studying their information for well over 4 decades, a member for well over 3 decades, and was on staff for a year. (I covered over 30 Congressional districts in the northeast in the 90’s trying to educate and rally citizens, pastors, priests, sheriffs, and anyone else I could.)

    Americans must wake up, read their Bible, Declaration, & Constitution, and roll up their sleeves to work alongside me. If our republic goes under it will be over my dead body!

    1 year ago

    This is not a victory. This means that school districts cannot fight the Senator Pan legislative bullshit, nor the ROCKEFELLER / SFX PANDEMIC PREVENTION INSTITUTE ballot initiative on the 2024 California Ballot.

    This is NOT good news.

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