COVID Vaccine Experiment Causes Monstrous Spike In Vaccine Injuries And Deaths, Serious Adverse Events Under-Reported By A Factor Of Eight

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(Natural News) The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) are legally required to collect and report accurate pharmacovigilance data in regard to every vaccine on the market. Pharmacovigilance is a necessary system of checks and balances that monitors activities relating to the detection, assessment, safety, understanding and prevention of adverse effects for medications and vaccines. These agencies are ignoring the monstrous spike in vaccine injuries and deaths, even as serious adverse events are under-reported by a factor of eight.

CDC, FDA are misleading the public, under-reporting serious adverse events following covid-19 vaccination

The Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS) was set up as a passive surveillance system to monitor vaccine injuries and deaths. Physicians are required to report vaccine injuries to VAERS. The Department of Health and Human Services verifies all records before they are put in the database. In 2021, many vaccine injuries and sicknesses are ignored, not reported and passed off as normal, healthy reactions to the vaccine. Both the CDC and the FDA are legally required to adhere to the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 and the Information Quality Act, to report accurate information. These agencies have so far ignored the monstrous spike in vaccine injuries throughout 2021 and have downplayed the abominable rate of serious adverse events post vaccination (which includes over 14,000 deaths).

For instance, a recent study at Mass General Brigham found that anaphylaxis after COVID-19 vaccination occurred at a rate of 2.47 per 10,000 vaccinations. This severe adverse event is the most obvious of them all and must be reported by law. The CDC contends that “anaphylaxis after covid-19 vaccination is rare” and occurs approximately only once for every two to five million vaccine recipients. This embellished reporting conflicts with the Brigham study which finds anaphylaxis occurring 50 to 120 times more often than what VAERS and the CDC are reporting.

A 2020 paper published in Vaccine concludes that serious adverse events post vaccination are under-reported by a factor of 8.3! In 2021, there are some serious adverse events that are being reported at a rate that is more than 8.3 times higher than previous years. These rates are being ignored by the CDC and FDA. For example, in previous years of vaccine injury reporting, there is an average of only 1.4 cases of pulmonary embolism recorded after vaccination. In 2021, pulmonary embolism was reported 1,131 times!

CDC, FDA obfuscate the real data, take part in genocidal agenda

The CDC and FDA contend that individuals are reporting background health events that have nothing to do with the vaccines. Ironically, these agencies refused to acknowledge all the same underlying health factors, immunosuppression, diagnostic fraud and iatrogenic errors involved in the previous year’s covid-19 fatality rate.

In 2020, fraudulent testing protocols and guesswork hospital diagnostic policies inflated death counts for covid-19. These inflated statistics included multiple comorbidities and medical errors into the final death count; however, in 2021, hundreds of thousands of serious vaccine injuries are ignored because the government thinks that people are exaggerating and making things up — even as vaccine test subjects are hospitalized in the days following covid-19 vaccination. Most of these post-vaccine hospitalizations (approximately 80%) officially fall under the category of “unvaccinated” because the CDC does not consider individuals to be “fully vaccinated” until 14 days have passed since their second vaccination. Therefore, the pharmacovigilance data for faulty covid-19 vaccines is not only ignored and under-reported, but the data for these post-vaccination hospitalizations is skewed to give the appearance that unvaccinated people are the problem.

Pfizer’s own Phase 3 study recorded 1 COVID death in the vaccinated group and two COVID deaths in the unvaccinated group for every 22,000 people. With 220 million Americans now considered “fully vaccinated,” experts can argue that the vaccines have saved an estimated 10,000 lives – that is if each person’s immune system and current medical treatments were to hypothetically fail and no medical malpractice was involved.

Sadly, there are well over 14,000 American deaths recorded post vaccination and hundreds of thousands of needless vaccine injuries. One analysis shows there are now over 45,000 American deaths caused by the experimental genetic interference vaccine. The vaccines are killing more people and harming many more lives than they could hypothetically save. The CDC and FDA are not forthcoming with this data and are not providing adequate informed consent. If these “public health” agencies did admit that the covid-19 vaccine experiment is one of the biggest disasters of modern medicine, they would all go down as criminal frauds, caught up in a global genocidal agenda.

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Several of my friends have died and or injured from mRNA vaccine injections, “some don’t report the problems”. But one from the Ptizer, another from unkonown vaccine, but I think it was the Maderna, John the Pfizer victim had problems with seizures and was blacking out, recovered 6 weeks later, got the second injection, the next day started failling down couldn’t walk and was taken to the hospital, where he died a short time later, he was older so they wrote his death off as natural causes, “which was criminal” “Some are wrote up as COVID related deaths, to raise the COVID scare”, but, how do you prove anything when it’s the doctors that control everything and are lying to the public, the whole medical industry has turn against the people and or the public, Another Pfizer victim was “who’s name I can’t reveal” died the following day after his first injection, leaving a couple kids and a wife to fin for them selves now, with no help from the manufacturer, the worlds gone mad! Biden can kiss my azz, you ain’t injecting shit into me this is not a debate, You’ll never take my guns or tell me or, force me to take anything, “especially and injection”. Go F___ yourself, scammers!

Last edited 1 month ago by Lloyd

My mother got the vaccine and has suffered paralysis from it starting the very next day. This was in April. Since then she’s had hundreds of thousands of dollars in tests and seen 3 different doctors all while being told it’s impossible that it’s the vaccine. It’s so sad, she lost her life from this and no one will believe us! It’s terrifying seeing young children getting the jab now. God help us


Are you for real. Just a brainwashed fool.


She’s some News sucking propaganda brainwash socialist sheep, making a comment like that, Stupid don’t know, her ignorance to the dirty Elite dealers card game, is why she and so many millions of others will lose the game! Willing to risk their lives on a experimental vaccine, for a virus with a 99% survival rate anyway, Truly ignorance is bliss! Knowledge is power, but some will believe anything you tell them with “scare tactics” with out research! SAD

Last edited 1 month ago by Lloyd

Natural News has never been a reliable news source. Go back in time and see what they printed about HIV AIDS