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    CV19 Vaxx Deadliest Fraud in History – Edward Dowd

    By Alexandra Bruce

    Forbidden Knowledge TV

    The reality of massive vaccine injuries and death on the economy and financial markets cannot be ignored.

    Former BlackRock stockpicker, Ed Dowd joins Greg Hunter to say that the COVID vaxx (or what he calls the “Magic Juice” to avoid being de-platformed) will be the deadliest fraud in history. As a Wall Street insider, he has seen his share of financial frauds but this one is different, because, “The problem with this fraud is it is a bridge too far. 220 million Americans took the vaxx. Three million Americans are disabled, and it’s probably higher, and those disabilities are going to continue to grow.”

    He says, “This is something we have never seen in the history of our country and the history of the world for that matter. We have a product [the vaxx] that is so fraudulent and so deadly from an acute basis and kills you right away, but the long-term implications of this health impact we don’t know yet. It’s looking grim. This is going to be with us for decades.

    “This is going to change the face of the world. We have to try to control the outcome because people are going to try to take advantage of this and spin it and turn it into the Great Reset.

    “We are not going to allow the Great Reset to happen. If it happens, it’s going to happen under our power, and we are going to take control and not some nameless elites that say I am going to own nothing and eat bugs.”

    Dowd continues, “We saw, in the second half of 2021 the insurance companies reporting anywhere between 25% and 40% excess mortality in their Group Life arm and the reason why the Group Life arm is important is because those are blanket policies for corporations when you sign on board, you get a death benefit of $100-$150 grand if you’re at the VP level.

    “And those claims exploded in the second half of 2021 and the reason why that’s important is because these are working age people, these are people that are employed and have good jobs, they’re not overdosing on Fentanyl, they’re not deciding to commit suicide all at the same time they’re not missing their cancer treatments – and all that noise. These are the excuses to give cover to what’s going on in corporate America.

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    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of Citizens Journal



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    Michael Z.
    Michael Z.
    10 months ago

    Somebody is going to get humanity. Somebody. It could be Fauci (or one of his acolytes), it could be Bill Gates, it could be The Chicoms, with the aid and money of US agencies. It could be duped politicians like Biden, or Trump (I said duped, not necessarily a conscious act). One of my favorite sayings “While much is too strange to be believed, Nothing is too strange to have happened” Yep, somebody is going to get us. Somebody who hates humanity in its current form.

    Melania Trump
    Melania Trump
    10 months ago

    Oh brother. What a joke. I DON’T CARE!

    Also, my Orange hubby has a little pee-pee so I never let him inside.

    Michael Z.
    Michael Z.
    10 months ago

    “While much is too strange to be believed, Nothing is too strange to have happened”.

    2 years ago

    So, financial guy gives opinion on the vaccine. I wouldn’t put a lot of STOCK in that.
    10 months ago
    Reply to  Hershel

    Dumbass comes to comment on Ed Dowd, I put zero stock in THAT Hoyshel.

    10 months ago

    YOU are the dumbass, and a homo, Mr. Sissy Walker

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