Dear Dennis Prager, This is Why The Pelosi Chair Scene Occurred

By Mike Smith

Mr. Prager, I will tell you why the man who sat in Nancy Pelosi’s chair did so on Wednesday the 6th.

The majority of grassroots American fighters against the Left have no idea the personal harm the Mainstream Media can do to them directly. This is from a twice-Trump voter who attended multiple America First rallies between three states.

Without knowing the identity of who took the photo of the man in Pelosi’s chair, still it is clear the man did not grasp the consequences to his life (and possibly his family’s) that will likely follow.

Look: most people on our side know well what the Mainstream Media can do (and has done) to President Trump. But the average American who supports Mr. Trump, the Republican Party, or both, is clueless of the Mainstream Media’s ability to severely harm everyday Americans like us.

This is the sobering thread that has connected every consequential election, legislative session and protest in this country for over a decade. Our side simply does not ‘get’ that the Mainstream Media can render good people long-term unemployable. As you know, in a country like ours, such evil is not far from murder.

Yet for all my life, the Republican Party (as a party) has done nothing to fight the Mainstream Media.

At best, it has tip-toed around the media such that Neville Chamberlain would approve. Especially right now. And the Republican Party’s media cowardice (excluding President Trump) will surely increase.

This despite photo evidence proving Antifa agent provocateurs co-opted the peaceful anti-election-fraud protest at the Capitol on Wednesday 6. The majority of Right-side patriots all around them were ethical. I have digital copies of the photographic source material if you want.

And just one question, Mr. Prager.

The day before the November election, you said (on-air):

I believe there is something that has happened in four years that gives me hope, even if the dark side wins. There is now –for the first time in my lifetime– a serious body of Americans who want to fight for America. This was not the case for all of my life.”

Do you include those who protested inside the Capitol Building on January 6 –who are not on the Left– as part of the serious body of Americans who want to fight for America?

It just helps to know what words mean.

Thank you.

Mike Smith was a 23 year resident of Camarillo

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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