Dear Vaccinated People: Are You Angry Yet?

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(Natural News) By now, you have probably heard the news from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are a total failure. And one thing many people really want to know is what the “fully vaccinated” think about this.

The jabbed were, after all, told that getting the Trump Vaccine would “stop the spread,” resulting in a “new normal” without face masks, social isolation and economic failure. It turns out that the opposite is true as the injected have been declared by the government as “super-spreaders.”

Everything the injected were told all these months by Tony Fauci, Rochelle Walensky and Joe Biden has turned out to be a complete lie. The unvaccinated are doing just fine, of course, but the vaccinated have been turned into walking spike protein “factories” – and the government is now officially admitting this.

If any of the vaccinated are actually paying attention, at least some of them have to be upset that they were hoodwinked like this. They deliberately sold their souls and permanently reprogrammed their DNA so they could go out to dinner again and travel, only to learn months later that they were deceived by medical fascists.

At least some of them have to be thinking to themselves right about now: Why did I listen to Fauci? Maybe he’s not such a good guy after all, but now it’s too late and my body is ruined.

Vaccine regret is about to become the new “pandemic”

It will probably take some time before a critical mass of vaccinated people come to a fuller realization about what they did to themselves in exchange for a proverbial bowl of soup. When the “side effects” really start to manifest, their regret will certainly turn to rage.

Sadly, many will be duped again into blaming the unvaccinated for their health woes, as the mainstream media spreads new lies about how the reason vaccinated people are getting sick is because other people chose not to get vaccinated.

If the vaccines really worked, it would be a moot point whether or not someone else is vaccinated. If the vaccines really worked, those who took them would be fully protected against infection.

To the contrary, most of the people being rushed to the emergency room or buried in the ground before their time are people who took the jab and suffered serious adverse effects as a result.

Until that time, Beijing Biden will continue to urge the “hesitant” to roll up their sleeves, cities will attempt to force their employees to get jabbed, some areas will try mask mandates again, and America will continue to decline ever-further into the third world cesspool that it has quickly and sadly become.

We will continue to do our part to let the world know that the people getting infected with and spreading illness are those who took the jab. These are the “super-spreaders” that are plunging society back into tyranny, even if the government continues to falsely blame the unvaccinated.

“It’s all a damn hoax, but what are we going to do about it proactively,” asked one of our own commenters.

“Haha, the dupes did what they were told, and Lucy still pulled the football away at the last second,” joked another about how the vaccinated are now being told that they need to wear a mask again in order to “flatten the curve.”

“If these people don’t want to wear the mask, then they need to gather up their fortitude, and find the courage to defy authority. It’s easy, I do it all the time.”

To learn more about how vaccinated people are getting sick and dying because of their jabs, visit

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D. Pringle

Like bad government…never let a crisis go to waste and must try and scare the masses with misinformation in order to conform.
Do you drive drunk too? Do you walk out in traffic and then get mad that you were hit? Do you blame others for your lack of knowledge?

c s

So true, my friend regrets getting the J&J. Her older kids got mrna type and now she’s worried they could have life long effects. I feel bad for her, but she lived in fear and she thought the vaccine would take that away.


Apparently you have never read your Bible. If you are trying to say the vaccine is the mark of the beast you need to actually read Revelation. The mark comes mid-trib after a leader (the beast) takes over the whole world. He causes the abomination of desolation in the temple, which hasn’t even been rebuilt yet, and the second beast causes all people to receive a mark as a sign of worship to the first beast. Obviously none of this has happened yet. In addition, the rapture has not yet occurred, so no way can the vaccine be the mark! Stop trying to scare people, you are spewing lies and conspiracies and could cause someone to die from covid as a result. You are ignorant and evil. Try reading and educating yourself before attempting to write anything publicly.

Sensible Human

This article is ABSURD!

George Pattone

Your opinion is more absurd…
Do you even understand the mechanism of action of these injections???
These are not just “flu shots”…


‘Vaccine Regret’ you read that here FIRST