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    The Road to Tyranny by Don Jans

    Disney Moving 2,000 Jobs To Florida–From California


    Led by Ron DeSantis, Republicans stood up to Disney, the world’s largest entertainment conglomerate (ABC, ESPN and half of Hollywood are among its holdings). Disney threatened to stop donating to Republicans if they dared pass the Don’t Groom Kids law.

    Not only did the party pass the law, which protects kids 4 to 9 from hearing about a teacher’s sex lives, but Florida Republicans stripped Disney World of its special exempt from state laws and a huge tax break.

    On top of that, Disney’s approval among customers dropped from 77% a year ago to just 33% today.

    Pardon me while I laugh. Disney tried to throw its weight around and knocked itself out.

    So how is Disney taking this defeat and humiliation? What acts of vengeance has the House of Mouse taken in retaliation to losing its special place in Florida state law and the hearts of the American people.


    In fact, instead of pulling jobs from Florida, Disney is adding to its work force in the Sunshine State.

    The Orlando Business Journal reported, “California-based The Walt Disney Co. has had a major presence in Florida since the 1960s when the early stages of Walt Disney World were under development.

    “The company should make the move to Lake Nona by late 2024, according to information shared on job postings. The Walt Disney Co. has confirmed it will relocate about 2,000 jobs from its California headquarters to Lake Nona, a master-planned community in southeast Orlando.”

    The jobs are moving from California to Florida, and not the other way around. Who knows? Disney may move its headquarters to Florida someday.

    So much for Ron DeSantis ruining Florida’s business climate.

    But Democrat county officials lied about making Disney World play by the rules. The two counties involved said they would raise taxes.

    DeSantis stopped that.

    The New York Post reported, “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said he wants the state — and not the counties — to assume control of the Disney-dominated self-governing body that has run the Orlando-area theme parks for more than 50 years.

    “The Republican governor, who has won praise from many conservatives for staring down the Mouse House over the state’s “Don’t Say Gay” Don’t Groom Kids law, said it would be fairer for other businesses if the state oversees the Reedy Creek Improvement District.”

    DeSantis told reporters, “First of all, it’d be a cash cow for them [Democrat-run counties] if they had Disney. But I’m worried that they would use that as a pretext to raise taxes on people when that’s what they would want to do anyways and then try to blame Reedy Creek, so we’re not going to give them that opportunity.”

    In taking on Disney and stripping it of its special status, Florida Republicans ignored the sage, excuse me, saggy advice on National Review, which whined, “Ron DeSantis’s Misguided Attack on Disney’s Legal Status. The governor already won. There is no need for the Republican Party of Florida to salt the earth.”

    Nope. You get out that salt shaker and shake, baby, shake because when you reign, you pour. DeSantis made an example of Disney. It worked. CEOs across the land now are too afraid to speak out against the repeal of Roe v. Wade.

    Florida is turning redder than a sunburn. DeSantis enjoys double-digit leads as he seeks re-election. What a far cry from 4 years ago when he barely won the governor’s race.

    But he governed as if he had a landslide and in November he likely will have one.

    Democrats are in a shambles. For the first time ever in the state’s 177-year history, registered Republicans outnumber Democrats. His opponent 4 years ago crashed and burned at a drunken meth party with a bunch of male homosexual hookers. And the next leader of Democrats in Florida’s House just quit his re-election race amid another male homosexual scandal.

    The national party is no help to state Democrats.

    ADN America reported, “Democrats Surrender Florida: Republican lawmakers slam Biden’s ‘concessions to brutal Cuban dictatorship.’

    “Biden administration waves white flag, surrenders Florida by easing Trump era sanctions by risking huge Cuban American vote of millions. State Dept. says changes will help entrepreneurs and democracy groups that were already granted a general license under OFAC.”

    This is what happens when you base your hiring on how many Che T-shirts a job applicant owns.

    I doubt Disney will do that when it starts hiring 2,000 more employees in Florida in 2024.

    And putting Democrats on the run is what happens when you do the job to which you were elected.



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