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    Doctor Warns: Too Early To Know If COVID Shots Cause Infertility

    Bob Unruh By Bob Unruh – WND News Center

    Orient has now explained, “If your faith forbids sterilization, or your respect for human rights forbids involuntary sterilization, then you need to consider the risk of infertility from COVID jabs. We do NOT know that the COVID jab will cause infertility. But we also do not and cannot know that it doesn’t. There simply has not been enough time to see.”

    She said that various institutions have begun demanding that thousands of young people “choose between taking the jab or putting their educational plans or careers on hold. How much risk can we ethically take, or coerce others to accept—whether the risk is of infertility, miscarriage, disability, chronic disease, or death?”

    It was the legal team at William J. Olson, P.C. that earlier dispatched letters to the chiefs of colleges and universities across Virginia suggesting – strongly – that they withdraw their demands for students to take the experimental COVID vaccines.

    “There are many thousands of students who have been planning to attend Virginia colleges and universities this fall, but who refuse to yield to mandates that they first participate in unmonitored experimental genetic therapy by taking the COVID-19 vaccines,” the letter explains. “You institution’s policy of putting these students, and their parents, in an untenable situation, where they must choose between accepting the significant risk of bodily injury, possible lifelong disability, or death or continue their education at your institution.”

    Now Orient has explained that that letter outlined the ethical and legal issues.

    “The letter also requests a commitment to assume financial liability for death, disability, or illness of students being required to take the COVID-19 inoculation. While manufacturers are immune from product liability, those who coerce students or employees to receive it might not be,” she wrote.

    “Investigations that might inform us about the reproductive risks have not been done (or reported). More than 700 post-injection miscarriages have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). Where are the pathological examinations of the placentas? Were there spike-proteins in the blood vessels, and inflammation that cut off oxygen or nutrients to the baby? We don’t know. An NEJM article that concluded there were no safety signals had no information on the placentas.”

    The earlier warning signals she cited include:

    _”Nanoparticles are meant to be distributed widely, and do accumulate in ovaries, testes, and uterus. What happens to the lipid nanoparticles that enclose the genetic material in the mRNA vaccines?”

    _”College students are probably delaying marriage and family until educational or career goals are achieved. So, they might not discover infertility for years.”

    _”Once injected, the genetically engineered materials cannot be removed. We do not know how long the mRNA or the spike proteins it codes for will remain in the tissues.”

    _”Risks and benefits need be considered for different age groups. Persons past reproductive years have a higher risk of disease; younger persons seldom get seriously ill with COVID. A one-size-fits-all mandate is without justification.”

    Her warning was that the shots involve not only an individual’s spiritual, parental and career advisers, but there is a potential impact “on all future generations.”

    The legal team’s letter pointed out the federal government has refused to adopt “draconian” shot mandates, and the military also has declined to take that step.

    Some 5,000 of those situations resulted in death.

    Further, shots are unnecessary because of “the availability of successful treatments,” the letter said, citing Ivermectin, which was found to obliterate 97% of the cases in a Delhi study.

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    3 years ago

    A friend told me Covid19 causes impotence.

    3 years ago

    Citizens OPINION: Oh no, I’m scared!!!!

    From University of Missouri (good RED state) Medical Dept:

    “There is no plausible reason — no medical or scientific mechanism — for this vaccine to interact with a woman’s reproductive organs or have any interaction with an egg that’s been released or fertilized.”

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