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    Dystopian Order Out Of Covid


    by Judy Bruce of Simi Valley

    Critical thinkers know that we are being lied to about a piece of cloth does not protect anyone from a contagion; and if it was a contagion, everyone would be in hazmat gear!!

    The COVID lockdowns, masks, distancing, business closures, and vaccine mandates are part of a larger plan of conditioning populations to obey dictates in times of “necessity”, i.e. declared emergencies.  This is about control and to bring in a dystopian world order using COVID as a smokescreen.   

    COVID-19 has not undergone Koch postulates to determine, identify and isolate. This is the gold standard testing for novel disease. BBC News said that the CDC admits they have no sample of a SARS Cov2.  In fact, after over a hundred FOA requests to various health departments, etc., no one has produced proof it exists!  

    If no virus, this is evidence the scamdemic is a house of cards. No virus means no testing, no testing means no “cases”, no cases mean no emergency, no emergency means no need for a destructive experimental biological injection!!  

    It is in name only to declare “emergency” to take away our rights; and the mask-wearing will give lead to “mandatory vaccines.” Vaccines are not safe and never have been proven to be safe because they take years.   Yet a new injectable is being fast-tracked with humans as guinea pigs!!

     To prove this is not a “normal” vaccine, look up Dr. Carrie Madej for further information.  Also,  This medical scientist shows that not only is coronavirus NOT a crisis, but instead, the Covid vaccines are themselves toxic and therefore extremely deadly.   In other words, the vaccines are the crisis.

    This physician also points out that the Covid vaccines are responsible for a “20 times increase” of cancer in vaccinated patients.  Dr. Cole is also seeing a massive ‘uptick’ in various autoimmune diseases in patients who have been vaccinated.  How can you ignore that there have been more deaths from this “Frankenstein technology” in the first 6 months, than all the vaccines in their entire history!!!??

    EMERGENCY is the ideal communist word stuck in the brain of the citizenry.   Its intent is to obtain compliance, no matter what type of emergency is being promoted: pandemic, climate change, economic depression, food shortages, etc.

    This is a test.   We are the test subjects.  The purpose of the experiment is to see how far murdering sociopaths go in commandeering our lives and destroying our freedom?

    And since when has our health been the responsibility of politicians?  IT’S NOT!!   This is tyranny and crimes against humanity. We are all being manipulated and played. And for those who don’t believe in the dystopian New World Order, check United Nations website, it has added “New World Order” to its logo!

    This is a psychological warfare on humanity to restrict, confuse, control, depopulate, take away livelihoods and monitor everything. All this fear mongering is making people scared of their own shadow and that of others. You should be ashamed of yourselves. 

    You will be held accountable, either in this life or the next!!


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