Eighteen Years After 9/11



By Shari Goodman

It was only recently that we marked the anniversary of 9/11 where 3000 Americans were murdered at the hands of Muslims bent on defeating Western Civilization.  They chose 9/11 to strike an attack because on Sept 11, 1683, the Poles, Holy Roman Empire and the Catholic Holy league defeated the Muslim Turks in the “battle of Vienna”. Had the Europeans lost that war, the Turks would have conquered the whole of Europe and Islamisized it. The Holy league/Polish defeat on Turks was so bad that, it eventually led to the decline of the once mighty Ottoman empire. Hence Sept 11, 1683 is a dark day in the history of Islam and a major victory in the history of Christianity. That’s why the Islamic fundamentalists choose Sept 11th, as a day to attack America, revenge for their defeat 318 years ago.   Let’s not forget they also chose that date to attack our American embassy in Benghazi on that date in 2012.

Yet, here we are in the 21st century, and Europe is once again being conquered not by swords, but through Muslim migration and the wombs of millions of Muslim women who now reside in Western Europe. Their birth rate far exceeds the birth rate of native Europeans and Mohammad is now the most popular name given to newborn boys in England.

And here in the U.S., since 9/11 their migration has been expedited by an alliance between the Islamists and the Left, and in particular Obama who during his eight years let in one million Muslims.  Estimates of their population here in the U.S. range from 3.5 million to 6 million.  The Red-Green Axis, the partnership or alliance formed between Islamists and Socialists, illuminates the impetus that this alliance received early on via the United Nation’s Human Settlement Policy – a plan to redistribute, not just wealth, but population and land.  Glen Simpson wrote a book about it called the Red-Green Axis and in it he proceeds to show how this plan is being  advanced by today’s secretive and unaccountable federal refugee resettlement programs – operations that have brought nearly 2 million refugees from Muslim nations to this country since September 11, 2001.

With the aid of nine private voluntary contractors known as the VOLAG (stands for voluntary agencies) and our State Department, we continue to resettle Muslim migrants in over 190 cities and towns throughout the United States.  Under the guise of compassion, these contractors who are richly rewarded with millions, are the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Lutheran Immigration & Refugee Services, Church World Service, The Hebrew Immigration Aid Society, International Rescue Committee, Episcopal Migration Ministries, World Relief, U.S. Committee for Refugees and Immigration and the Ethiopian Community Development Council.  

The largest of these nine contractors is the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops.  Since 2008 they have been paid over $2 billion while the smallest, the Ethiopian Community Development Council has raked in $85.6 million.  These nine agencies who serve as contractors then contract out the resettlement process with 350 sub-contractors.  This is a moneymaking racket which sells American residency for money.

While six of the nine contractors are affiliated with religious groups, the false notion that they are charitable organizations just doing the Lord’s work needs to be corrected. They are federal contractors, relying on the government for most, and sometimes all, of their income. This is a big business. They do the government’s bidding, whether it honors religious principles or not.

Furthermore, the denominations represented all promote left-wing policies. Many reflect the “Social Gospel” i.e. the effort to marry socialist ideas with Christian doctrine begun by “Progressives” at the turn of the last century. Many are directly or indirectly connected to communists and communist ideas like so-called “liberation theology,” which was a KGB creation according to former Romanian intelligence chief Ion Pacepa in his book “Disinformation”.

With their population growth there are now over 3000 mosques throughout the land with a majority of them bought with funds from Saudi Arabia.  Under Erdogan, the prime minister of Turkey, they acquired one whole block to build the largest mosque/community center right in the Washington D.C area.  The $100 million dollar structure paid for by the government of Turkey is governed by the Diyanet, Turkey’s religious affairs ministries.  Europe has accused the Diyanet of spying on them and fueling hate and division against the local population.  It must be noted that every mosque houses a Quran, where Christians and Jews are cursed five times a day in their daily prayers.  “Allah, please guide us on the straight path, not the one of those who have gone astray”.

One can see, Muslims have gained much influence and power since 9/11, and they could not have done it without the Muslim Brotherhood and our elected officials who either through fear or monetary opportunity aided their influence.  

The MB was formed in 1928 by those who sought to bring back the Islamic Caliphate after the fall of the Ottoman Empire.  For many years their warfare was contained within the Middle East, but after their arrival here in the U.S. in 1953 they began to use a different strategy on American soil.  In 1987, they wrote an Explanatory Memorandum and Strategic Outline for North America and in it they described their mission here as a “settlement process” and once entrenched to undertake a “grand jihad” which they characterized as a “civilizational jihad”.  They specifically describe the “grand Jihad” as “eliminating and destroying Western civilization from within and sabotaging its miserable house by their own hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated”.  In other words, they are relying on non-Muslims in the U.S. to inadvertently aid their mission here and destroy us from within.  Their new partner is the Democrat Left who have willfully succeeded in placing many MB members into positions of leadership. 

For the last fifty to sixty years, the MB has formed hundreds if not thousands of Muslim civil rights groups here with CAIR, the Muslim Public Affairs Council, and ISNA (Islamic Society of North America) as the largest among them.  All of them are masquerading as civil rights groups using deception (taqiyya) as a means to infiltrate our institutions in education, finance, the media and press, law enforcement, our court system, our textbook publishers, our military, and by engaging in fellowships with unsuspecting Christian and Jewish houses of worship. 

Obama opened up the door to many MB operatives as his advisers in Homeland Security, the FBI, the Pentagon, the Justice Department, and their tentacles of operation were at the local and state level as well.  From his first days in office, Obama set out on an apology tour to the Middle East where he embraced the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt front row center when they had previously been made an outcast by then President Mubarak of Egypt. 

Fast forward ten years and we now have the Jihad Squad in Congress.  Initially comprised of Ilhan Omar, a Somali from Minneapolis, Rashid Tlaib, a Muslim whose family still resides in East Jerusalem, Alexandra Ocazio-Cortez, a Socialist/Marxist from N.Y, and Ayanna Pressley, a radical Black Congresswoman from Massachusetts.  Eventually, Pressley was booted from the squad for not supporting a BDS measure sponsored by the anti-Semitic Omar and Tlaib when it came up for a vote in Congress.  Unlike the other three, Pressley does have a close relationship with the Jewish community of Boston and was not willing to sacrifice their potential future votes for Omar and Tlaib.

While the MB is outlawed as a terrorist organization in Egypt, Russia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, they are free to operate here on our soil.  A bill, The Muslim Brotherhood Designation Act of 2017, to designate them as a terrorist organization sponsored by Ted Cruz, has yet to see the light of day.  President Trump is being pressured to designate them as a terrorist organization as well, but perhaps he is strategically waiting for  reelection.  Such a designation will be the kiss of death for CAIR and the many other hundreds of fronts for the MB.  The fact that they are still permitted to operate with a mission to subvert our Constitution is a testimony to the power and sway they hold over Washington.

While for decades, the MB worked behind the scenes, they are now no longer in hiding.  In 2015 the U.S.Council of Muslim Organizations held a press conference in D.C. to announce their plans to advance Muslim political candidates for elected office with a specific mission to effect American domestic and foreign policy.  The U.S. Muslim Brotherhood recently has been challenged on multiple fronts with the reality of violent jihad, from the Islamic State in the Middle East to killers in Paris and San Bernardino who declared their allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.  Aware that they needed a multi-pronged approach, they rolled out for the cameras and microphones a series of proposed USCMO initiatives: 1) Register one million new voters prior to the 2016 election cycle, (the registration will continue before next year’s election)  2) Build a bridge between the Muslim Brotherhood and non-Muslim Americans to enhance their understanding of American Muslims and Islam through a “One American Campaign”, 3) Establish a “National Open Mosque Day”, 4) Form new and strengthen existing alliances with interfaith partners, social justice groups, and other minority communities, and 5) Address the rising number of [alleged] hate crimes by increasing emergency preparedness for Islamic institutions and individuals in the community.  Last year, we had approximately 90 Muslims running for office at the local, state, and federal level.  We can expect their numbers to increase in next year’s election.  

Meanwhile, we have Ilhan Omar who committed immigration fraud by claiming her brother was her husband in order for him to gain entry into the United States.  She was elected to Congress by a heavily populated Somali district whose population there is a result of Obama’s resettlement of 90,000 Somalis back in the 90’s.  That area of Minneapolis is now known as “little Mozumbique” and it serves as the largest recruiting center for ISIS here in America.  Omar is known for her anti-Semitic outbursts (she questions Jewish loyalty) and is a big supporter of BDS, and she has raised funds for Islamic Relief whose funds go to support Hamas and Hezbollah.  Her campaign was heavily funded by CAIR and she is on their speaker circuit.  It was on one of her CAIR engagements that she referred to 9/11 as “because some people did something now all of us our losing our civil liberties”.  Additionally, she requested leniency in the sentencing of 9 Minnesota men of Somali origin who were accused of aiding ISIS and she recently called for the release of a Muslim Brotherhood senior operative being held in Egypt.

Rashida Tlaib too comes from a heavily populated Muslim constituency in Detroit.  Her family back in East Jerusalem has raised funds for Hamas.  She too was funded by CAIR and is on the CAIR speaker circuit.  She has used vile words to describe our President and she frequently calls for his impeachment.  Not surprisingly she too is a supporter and sponsor of BDS and frequently attends rallies for Muslim candidates for office.  She is in effect Hamas representative in our halls of Congress.

AOC is from a poor district in New York.  The voter turnout in her district was abysmal and she only won with a total of not that many votes; yet, this Socialist former barmaid appears to be the new leader of the Democrat Party.  Her introduction of the New Green Deal is really the same Old Red Deal wrapped in new language.  It would destroy our Capitalist system,  free market, and reign in a dark age not seen since the Dark Ages.  By aligning herself with the Jihad sisters and support of BDS, she has gained the support of the Muslim Brotherhood and the growing Muslim population whose votes she will count on.

All three seek the destruction of a Judeo/Christian Western Civilization in favor of a Socialist/Communist Islamic Caliphate run under the auspices of the United Nations which is now controlled by the 57 member body known as the  Cooperation of Islamic States.  Islam dictates it is the duty of Muslims to bring mankind under the dominion of Allah with Sharia Law as the only law acceptable.  If we don’t wake up Americans, it is likely that our children and grandchildren will be forced to fight them in a bloody war unlike anything this country has ever seen here on our soil.  

The following measures need to be undertaken if we are to stop their mission: 

It is imperative that we get out the vote for President Trump in next year’s election.  If we fail and a Democrat wins the White House, we will return to the appeasement policies of Obama that favored our enemies at the expense of our friends.  There are many hostile countries waiting it out in hope that a Democrat win will give them free reign to build nuclear weapons and threaten us around the globe in exchange for policies that favor them in trade deals and nuclear armament.

Counter anti-Trump hate with the truth on social media and the national press.  Take them on and shame them when necessary.  We are the ground soldiers in this stealth Jihad.

Ask political candidates what measures are they prepared to take to halt the “civilizational Jihad”?  We must make this a political issue public officials will not dare ignore.

Ask your clergy and house of worship whether they are engaged in an Islamic fellowship?

Lastly, become an activist by contacting ACT for America.Org   


Shari Goodman is an educator, activist, and public speaker.  Her articles have appeared in American Thinker, World Net Daily, and other publications.

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Naomi Fisher

Wow! Your information and statistics are mind boggling. I had not idea.

Thanks for a scary but enlightening article.

I shall pass it on.