Election Integrity in COVID-19 World

The COVID 19 virus has had a tremendous impact on donations that we depend on for our survival.  Please help us by donating to this effort  so that we can continue working to assure that your vote counts.

Many people believe that human contact will still be dangerous seven months from now, and therefore propose 100% voting-by-mail.
But in many states, voter rolls contain registrants no longer eligible to vote due to death or relocation, as well as duplicate registrations. Under currently-proposed “all vote-by-mail” plans, they would be mailed a ballot, facilitating fraud.
Election Integrity Project CA proposes a realistic contingency plan, modifiable to fit states as appropriate.
First, ALL counties must immediately:
  • resolve all duplicate registrations
  • mail a HAVA-compliant postcard to all registrants on the active voter list who have shown no electoral activity since the 2012 Presidential Primary. Those who do not respond must be moved without delay to the inactive list.
Then …
  1. All active voters must be notified that polls will NOT be open for the November election. Voters wishing to participate must submit a vote-by-mail request.

    • The public must be informed of this requirement by all possible means: snail mail, email, text, robocall, billboards, print media, PSAs, social media, etc.

      • Voters must be strongly advised  of the inadvisability of returning their ballot by USPS and encouraged to use a staffed drop box or the elections office to submit their ballot.
    • The request for a vote-by-mail ballot must be accompanied by a legitimate ID. Whether the request is in writing or by phone, would-be voters must be required to provide name, address, signature, birthday AND state license/ID # or the last 4 numerals of their social security number.
  2. Starting 10 days before Election Day, counties must establish convenient ballot drop-off locations in each community.

    • Drop-boxes must be staffed by no fewer than two elections officials.
    • Ballots must be emptied DAILY employing a two-person chain of custody.
  3. County Registrars must establish satellite offices, conveniently distributed throughout the county. These satellites, which will practice social distancing and mask and glove wearing if deemed necessary in November, must be open on Election Day and the preceding Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

    • The ROV office and its satellites must allow vote-by-mail ballot surrender and all in-person votes cast by registered voters on any of the four days of operation must be accepted and treated as if they had been cast at a polling place on Election Day.
The above measures are simple, doable, and not only preserve but greatly improve election integrity.

Linda Paine

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President and Co-founder

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