2nd Annual Ojai Herbal Symposium on “The Wisdom of the Body” to be held November 16-17, 2019

Event Details

  •             Ojai Herbal Symposium on “The Wisdom of the Body”


  •             Krotona Hall 


  •             Saturday, November 16, through Sunday, November 17 


  •             Respected experts, authors, and speakers from across the spectrum of medicine, pharmacology, naturopathy, acupuncture and herbology


  •             Special Event – “The Forest Table: A Wild Food Dining Experience” with herbalist/forager Jess Starwood


  •             Herbal Marketplace at Chaparral Auditorium in downtown Ojai


  •             PhytoPhunk Dance and Elixir Bar: Saturday night at Greater Goods in Meiners Oaks


  •             Info at 805-646-6281. Info & registration at OjaiHerbal.org

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