2nd Annual PDA’s Fundraiser

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Please Join Us! For the 2nd Annual PDA’s Fundraiser

Sunday, June 8   6 – 8 p.m.

PDA’s2nd Annual Fundraiser

with Thom Hartmann and John Nichols

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Hosted by Syd & Linda Leibovitch
Mimi Kennedy – Rhea Perlman – Michael Lighty
David Clennon – Donna Smith – Lila Garrett
JoBeth Williams – James Costa – Suzi Dietz
Judy Hess – Ed Begley, Jr. – Nina Merson
  Jodie Evans – Russell Greene – Dorothy Reik

We’ll celebrate Tim and his Inside/Outside strategy
 – that invigorates Democratic politics
– gives grassroots progressives political access;
– amplifies peace and justice on Capitol Hill.

Shortly  before he passed, Tim e-mailed a reminder:
“Letter drops…Teamwork…Inside the party work! 

Round Table…Stay a community – it’s what makes us strong!…
Enjoy the organizing!  BIG HUG!”

Thanks for your donation to continue the Movement politics Tim built PDA to do.
If you have any questions, email Judy Hes[email protected] 

or Mervis Reissig  [email protected]


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