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    American Freedom Alliance – BYOB Tuesday!! 6 PM Pacific

    American Freedom Alliance – BYOB Tuesday!! 6 PM Pacific






    American Freedom Alliance



    8 September  ~  6 PM Pacific

    Grab your favorite beverage and join us for an 

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    AFA would like your Help with this Important Survey

    If you’ve responded to our survey, THANK YOU.
    If you haven’t yet, we hope you will!

    As we move forward with our Liberty Index initiative, we’d like your input!  Please take our survey and let us know what is important to you in a school, and what is important for a school NOT to have.

    Your responses will help us craft our Liberty Index, which we will then use to evaluate high schools and middle schools.

    Remember: we’re all pretty aware of the damage and danger of most of our current schools.  This latest piece describes the various ways in which they can be considered “poison.”

    The key is to address the damage in an effective way.  The Liberty Index is intended to provide information to parents to help them find a positive and freedom-oriented educational environment for their children, and to offer them a resource to make the best decisions for their children’s education.  In addition, in using our Liberty Index, we will celebrate the most freedom-oriented schools and hold them up as models for others to follow.

    The link for the survey is here.

    Thank you for your participation, and we’ll be reporting back on the results soon.

    AFA Recommends… some education-related resources

    As we go forward with our Liberty Index initiative, we’re collecting some valuable resources we think might interest you.

    Regarding the 1619 Project

    A reading list on a range of topics

    As always, we appreciate your feedback

    AFA’s Liberty Index Initiative

     The violence, destruction, chaos and general mayhem in our cities and streets are born of hatred and rage that have been deliberately cultivated and fomented in our young people, primarily through our schools.  We’re seeing the culmination of the decades of efforts of Marxist and other Leftist groups who have been manipulating our history, teaching shame rather than pride in this most exceptional nation, teaching victimhood rather than self-determination, teaching destruction rather than gratitude to those who are the creators of all that we benefit from. Recognizing the power that our education system has, and how that power has been exploited for a hateful and anti-Freedom agenda, AFA is launching an initiative to assess schools according to a Liberty Index,  creating a resource for parents, the community and educators to find schools whose academic and philosophical values match their own; in addition, we will be recognizing excellence and will promote schools which rank high on our Liberty Index.  You can read more about it here and here.

    You can help us by sending us your thoughts about what constitutes a great school, or complete this form with your selections of best and worst schools – be sure to add your reasons why.  

    This is the first of many ventures taken by AFA to contend with the destruction of education and we’re very excited by it.

    The Left’s Long March must be stopped, and we’re here to do our part.  Please join us in this crucial undertaking.

    To donate to the Liberty Initiative, click here

    Karen Siegemund
    American Freedom Alliance
    Your tax-deductible donation is vital for our fight for freedom.

    The American Freedom Alliance is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization


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