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    Free Course- Get Wisdom! Making Christian Heroes of Ordinary People


    Dear friends, pilule

    Our good friends Ron and Christina Kirk have been involved in Christian education for many many years.  They have been asked by New Hope Uganda, one of the ministries that Calvary Chapel of Oxnard supports, to assist in their new program called the Masters Institute for Education or MIE (
    GetWisdomTwo people involved in the project will be coming over from Uganda to receive two weeks of intensive training (they will be staying with us for those two weeks) and Ron has opened this up for local folks to participate for free.  What an opportunity!  I believe that CCO will be hosting the classes there at the Eastman campus.  I’ve pasted in Ron’s update from his FB page.  If you are interested, please email Ron directly at [email protected] and also, if you have any friends or colleagues who may be interested, please share this email with them as well.
    Mara Klassen
    Mara Klassen
    (805) 660-3488


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