Free Healing Lecture-Ventura, CA

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Free Healing Lecture-Ventura, CA


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You are invited to experience the lecture: The Healing Power of Unselfishness by Lois Rae Carlson, of the Christian Science Board of Lecturership.

Anchored in the Bible and the teachings of Christ Jesus, Carlson’s talk will show how honoring unselfishness as an innate quality has a direct impact on our health and well-being.

►Learn to cultivate unselfishness.
►Discover what it means to live in a state of communion with the divine.

You will find that unselfishness is natural and normal to all of God’s children. The magnitude of God’s love for His creation overflows in us so that we are not loving others with a personal sense of love, but loving with the love of God.

Two healings are shared: one of acute See More

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