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    Future of Power Plants on our Coast, please join your neighbors


    Meeting Date: June 13th, pharmacy 10am

    Location: The Yacht Club at Channel Islands, troche 4308 Tradewinds Drive, viagra dosage Oxnard

    Purpose: Our purpose is to share Information, Questions, and Discussions so that our Community is better informed regarding the issues and decisions that face our City.


    In July of 2014, Oxnard City Council adopted a moratorium expiring June 30, 2016, to prevent construction of new electricity generating power plants in the Oxnard Coastal Zone. Power plants are no longer coastal dependent and state law requires ocean water cooled power plants be decommissioned by 2020.

    NRG, owners of Mandalay (3 units) & Ormond Beach (2 units) Power Plants, has applied to the CPUC & CEC to construct a new 262 MW generation station at Mandalay.


    1. NRG (Power Plant Owner) – 10 minutes. NRG will present their viewpoint as to their new power plant proposal at Mandalay (called Puente).
    2. Carmen Ramirez, Mayor Pro Tem of the City of Oxnard – 10 minutes. Mayor Pro Tem will express her thoughts regarding the future of our coastline.
    3. CICA – 10 minutes – Members will present their thoughts regarding power plants on our coast, harbor water quality and development ideas for Edison Canal.
    4. Q & A – Moderated 30 minutes. Questions may be submitted in advance via email [email protected] or at the meeting and will be sorted to avoid repetition.




    Mike Mercadante

    [email protected]

    [email protected]



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