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    Impeach Obama Rally

    Impeach Obama Rally

    Event Announcment

     May 2, capsule 2015 10-1

    Obama is destroying all who stand against him – Tea Party, vcialis 40mg conservative family and Christian groups – anyone who stands against him. He attacks reputations and uses the NSA and the IRS as vicious and rapid attack dogs. We see growing false arrests, spying on our phone calls, and destroying reputations far and wide. Safe in the privacy of your own home? Guess again. Obama hates America, is anti-Christian, anti-Semitic, anti-life and an appeaser of the enemies of America.  Scandals and lies are the norm so long as they promote the agenda of the leftist Obama regime, i.e., destroy the foundational principles of America and divide the American people.
    We…the ignorant and distracted, too busy to pay attention, have fallen prey with the help of leftist media and complicit and corrupt Congress to the most effective and deadly attack on America in our history. Forget WWI and WWII, endless wars with Islam and other dictators. WE ARE BEING DESTROYED FROM WITHIN AND THE DAMAGE IS BREATHTAKING. Many in our country and the world believe we cannot recover. America is over. What do you believe? What do you want for yourself?…for your children?…for your grandchildren? No…WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO? There must be a grassroots effort to impose the will of WE THE PEOPLE! We must start NOW.
    This will be a recurring event the first Saturday of every month. PLEASE DO YOUR PART TO STOP THIS FUNDAMENTAL TRANSFORMATION OF THE COUNTRY WE LOVE. Bring some friends, family members or neighbors. Please spread the word. Be sure to bring your American flags, Gadsden flags and signs. WE MUST DO SOMETHING.  Impeachment is the constitutional remedy but the Congress will not do their duty unless they hear a strong and united voice from the people. Otherwise it is politics as usual and the continued and rapid erosion of our liberties, freedom and safety.
    Saturday, May 2, 2015
    10:00 AM – 1:00 PM
    Corner of Alamo Street & Tapo Canyon Road
    Simi Valley, CA
    More info: 805-630-0330
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