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    Meet the Candidates Forum 2018 | Camarillo Republican Women Federated

    Meet the Candidates Forum 2018 | Camarillo Republican Women Federated

    Tuesday, February 20, 2018. This is not a debate. Each candidate will have the floor to talk about their platforms. Reservations are closed. For more information, please call: 1-888-747-9955,

    The following Republican candidates have accepted an invitation to speak…

    CA Congressional District 26 (running against the Democrat incumbent, Julia Brownley):

    Jeffrey Burum | Antonio Sabato Jr.

    Note: Rafael Dagnesses is working on a project in Washington D.C. and cannot attend

    CA Assembly District 44 (running against the Democrat incumbent, Jacqui Irwin):

    Ronda Baldwin-Kennedy

    Oxnard City Council: Daniel Chavez Jr. will be challenging Democrat Oscar Madrigal in the May 1st Oxnard City Council Recall Election. Mr. Madrigal and the 3 other Democrat Oxnard City Council members are the subject of the recall election.

    Ventura County Executives:

    Steven Hintz, Treasurer/Tax Collector

    Mark Lunn, Clerk/Recorder

    Dan Goodwin, Assessor

    Jeff Burgh, Auditor/Controller

    Bill Ayub, candidate for Sheriff (Sheriff Geoff Dean announced his retirement)

    The Camarillo Republican Women Federated is proud to be part of the National Federation of Republican Women, the most powerful women’s political organization in America.

    CRWF Founded in 1957 is one of the oldest Republican Women Federated organizations in Ventura County. We believe that women are a powerful force for positive political change, by volunteering our time and resources to elect Republican candidates and promoting Republican ideals.

    Our mission is to inspire our members through education and encouraging them to participate in the political process as well as community projects some of our programs include:

    • Voter Registration
    • Adopt a Pole
    • Scholarships
    • Literacy
    • Support our Troops

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    1. His education is from University of Phoenix?? The correspondence “college”?

      What a joke. Certainly there’s someone more educated than that to take our voices to the halls of Congress.

      You’ve convinced me. ANYONE but Joe Collins.

    2. The previous two years I actually first started paying attention to governmental, policies and also the candidates I’m considering voting for. That’s just why I am supporting Joe Collins and his bid for Congress during this unique coming elections. Joe Collins 3 is just exactly the sort of congressional candidate we all ought to back. The guy spent thirteen years in the Navy safe guarding our constitutional rights & liberties. Now he is running for U.S. Congress to protect our cities and he is bringing brand-new ideas and fresh energy into your politics. Joe Collins 3 is combating for things I care for like enhancing our kids schooling & protecting our cities from unsuccessful Democratic Party laws. Additionally, Joe Collins wants to get back quality business opportunities improve economic empowerment and combat homeless which are hands down essential to my community. I highly recommend that you give to JOE COLLINS FOR CONGRESS like I did so that we can get his messages out and be the victor this congressional race.


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