Save Korea Foundation Invites You to Their Asian Freedom Movements Conference

Event Details

American Fredom Alliance



Sunday March 8th
4 PM – 8 PM


The American Freedom Alliance invites you


Last year, the Save Korea Foundation helped inspire our Global Freedom Movements conference; in addition, they sponsored it, and also hosted a powerful panel with four dynamic speakers on the topic of South Korea.

This year, they are hosting a counterpart “Asian Freedom Movements” conference and AFA is delighted to partner with them for this unique event.  

Speakers include Gordon Chang, renowned expert on China; Peter Kim, Chairman of the Save Korea Foundation and legal expert on South Korea; Lawrence Peck, one of the foremost experts on North Korea, and Jennifer Zeng, former political prisoner, author and human rights activist.  For more information on the speakers, click here.

–  General Admission fee is $30 for dinner buffet.  (Menu is mainly Korean food but includes several American selections.  Beverage is also served but no wine or liquor are served. And I can personally attest:  the food is a real treat in itself!)
 –  VIP and premium tickets are also available. For premium member, we will give a choice of up to two English books. For VIP members will receive a donation receipt from the SKF, a non-profit corporation.
AFA’s partnership with the Save Korea Foundation is a particular pleasure for us; the content of the conference will be world-class, and the experience will be something extra-special.  
Please join us for a terrific evening.


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