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    Silver Strand Artists Rally for Dec. 9 ARTZwalk: Funds Raised to Retain Public Access to Fisherman’s Wharf in Channel Islands Harbor


    Oxnard, CA–More than 14 artists will come together to host a neighborhood art walk in Silver Strand Beach on Saturday, December 9, 2017, the day of the C.I. Harbor Parade of Lights. Twenty five percent of the proceeds will benefit the Harbor and Beach Community Association (HBCA) working to ensure that Fisherman’s Wharf remains a source of public recreation and commerce. Thanks to a fund created by the Western Alliance for Nature, HBCA, can accept tax deductible donations for their activities.

    Artist studios open at 11 a.m. Maps to the sites are available at the ARTZworks Studio, 112 Ocean Drive, in Silver Strand.

    “Silver Strand, which is about one mile from end-to-end, is chock full of talented artisans who are opening their homes on the day of the annual Channel Islands Parade of Lights,” said artist David SchwARTZ.  “Enjoy a family-friendly ARTZwalk, good eateries, harbor shops, and the boat parade, plus the fantastic fly-over by Santa Claus himself!  And, this inaugural event will help to preserve our historic Wharf for public access.”

    Fisherman’s Wharf, on the corner of Channel Islands Blvd and Victoria Ave, was built in the 1960s, on land donated to the community by Richard Bard as a small boat harbor for marine related recreation and commerce. Presently, visitor serving businesses and attractions fill the area. Along with adjacent acreage currently used for RV parking, the wharf is viewed as a potential revenue stream by the County.  Plans are to erect 390 luxury apartments, limiting space for public activities, public parking and views and increasing the already nightmarish surrounding traffic. 

    Access for emergency vehicles and emergency egress will be impacted by the additional cars. There are thousands of residents in Silver Strand, including beachgoers, kayakers, business patrons, boaters, fishermen and other visitors to the area plus naval base personnel, coast guard, and harbor staff.

    “To ensure the continued public enjoyment of this wonderful resource, we need to raise funds for the experts needed to reinforce our position in front of the governmental regulators, “said Lauraine Effress, Hollywood Beach member of HBCA. 

    “We have accomplished a great deal, so far but we have a long way to go with the County, the city of Oxnard and the Coastal Commission.  The funds from the ARTZWALK will help us tremendously.  We are so grateful to the artistic community for rallying around in this endeavor.”

    Produced by Artist David SchwARTZ of the Gallery & Workshop, artists from throughout Silver Strand are offering a home tour of their work.  Visiting artists from outside Silver Strand, as well as the Studio Gallery and Elite Theater at the Wharf are participating.

    The ARTZwalk is scheduled from 11-5 p.m. on Saturday, December 9, 2017.  Signs will be posted throughout Silver Strand. Visitors are encouraged to make their first stop at the Studio at 112 Ocean Drive to pick up a map to locations.

    The final stop of the ARTZwalk will be Fisherman’s Wharf. At the Elite Theatre, participants can drop off their free drawing ticket for prizes, including gift certificates to local businesses which will be mailed after the drawing.


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