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    The Clipper Ship Era and The Royal Clipper Saga



    Clipper ships and windjammers were the fastest commercial ship built in the 19th century, holding world records for ocean crossings for 100 years. This presentation will explore the faster clipper ship features, some famous ships, and high lights in their history. 

    In November 2017 the speaker traveled on a 19-day sail across the Atlantic Ocean on the Royal Clipper along with 200 passengers and the crew of about 100. Ports-of-call included Lisbon, Casablanca, Sofi, and the last port was Tenerife in Canary Islands. The last 11 days were open-ocean across Atlantic to Barbados. 

    Learn about this exciting sailing adventure across the Atlantic, including the ship’s operations, and brief accounts of other ports-of-calls made by the Royal Clipper in the Mediterranean and Atlantic.

    Speaker Series is a lecture series held every third Wednesday at the Channel Islands Maritime Museum. Refreshments are served at 6:30 pm and the lecture begins at 7:00 pm. Entry is free with membership, $7 for non-members, $5 for seniors. 

    Speaker Series

    • Channel Islands Maritime Museum


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