Sunday, September 25, 2022
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    Trumpzilla! Trump Boat Parade – Channel Islands Harbor October 3rd

    Trumpzilla! Trump Boat Parade – Channel Islands Harbor October 3rd








    Come join us for this peaceful boat parade for Trump 2020! Come 11:30 am, Starts at Noon.

    There will also be a Recall Newsom and information booth at the big dock just north of Sea Fresh restaurant.


    Need a Trump flag or sign?

    Hope to see you there.

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    1. We are just passing through on our boat but thought it was very nice of the local folks to hold a boat parade “wake” for Trump. Pun intended:)

    2. Ya’ll looked like utter fools. Cult of Trump. Deifying a human. Think for yourself and you will realize decency and respect for your fellow man and woman. No masks, no distancing, while your god is in the hospital. Reminded me of the Frump parade in lake Travis, Austin where all those frump idiots got swamped. In fact, the fire trucks were heading your way just when the Ted Nugent started to play. Bunch of old, uneducated wash ups!

    3. It was awesome to see all the support for our President today. I was very proud to be there! God bless America, and our president.

    4. I just got back. I stood on the bridge. A really nice rally. For all you mentally challenged lefties, there were a few Biden ladies on the bridge. Because we are Trump supporters, they were not bothered in anyway. We would never expect such a response from your side, that is a given.
      Trump 2020

    5. It’s crystal clear that the left is the divisive side of our political spectrum, but it’s not too late to change. Respect the views of your fellow citizens.

    6. A traitor to what? Proud combat veteran… A traitor to the NWO and the UN. You can keep your kid sniffing candidate. Cause that’s totally normal.

    7. To ‘Proud Combat Veteran’. You’re a combat veteran like I’m a fkn nun. Just so you know; a number of us will be locked and loaded from the shore and from our slipped boats, just in case an asshole like you wants to step out of line.

    8. Hey “combat veteran”:
      First, your comment is making threats. Tell the police we said,”Hello”.
      Second. the traitors are the democrats who have made deals with China, taken money from Ukraine, and given our uranium to Russia, too many acts to mention…
      Third, does that mean you are against our first amendment right to peaceably assemble?

    9. PCV must be referring to Biden. After all, it WAS Biden that delivered a glowing eulogy for Sen Robert Byrd, well known as a Klansman. And, as we all know, Dems are the party of the Klan.

      On the other hand, President Trump has repudiated racists and White supremacists on numerous occasions.

    10. AWESOME! It will be good to have a bunch of cowardly racist traitors all in one place and easy pickings from the shore. Hopefully they all sink and drown.
      If you SUPPORT a traitor, you ARE a traitor.

    11. LOVE TRUMP, I’ll be there PROUDLY. Thank you for holding this awesome event TRUMP 2020!! I’ve no boat but I WILL be there in my MAGA hat to show my unwavering support.


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