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    TruthFest, hosted by Rage Against the Media & PopModal Videos, aims to Inform, Entertain and EMPOWER


    HERE:  Los Angeles—Federal Building on Wilshire
    WHEN:  October 11, noon to 6 PM

    They are always updating information. Go to their website to check it out:

    Want to make a difference but don’t know how?

    If you’re one of the many who WANT to MAKE A DIFFERENCE but DONT KNOW HOW, then TruthFest is exactly what you need.

    Because TruthFest is for people like you, whether you’re shy or more confrontational, whether you like the idea of being an activist, or just think of yourself as helping however you can.

    It’s designed to be a game-changer of an event: innovative, inspiring, empowering, and POWERFUL. 

    Whether or not you’re in Los Angeles and able to attend, if you’re concerned about the direction this country is going in,  this event will benefit you.  TruthFest will be instrumental in helping to make the critical changes that we need, beyond those that elections might be able to accomplish.

    We see this as the first of many – and we see this as a much-needed, much-clamored-for, and extremely innovative kind of event.  We hope you agree. 

    We crafted TruthFest to have three fundamental components:

    FIRST, we will provide training in six different tactics for those citizen activists wanting to play a role in fighting back against the encroaching of the left in every area of our lives.  These six areas will be

    • Social Media – how to create and use social media networks
    • Alinsky tactics – we need to know these tactics and understand them in order to neutralize them
    • Rhetorical strategies – how best to have conversations that can penetrate the misinformation bubble
    • Rage Against the Media – various tactics for countering the pervasive agenda-driven propagandizing of the mainstream media news
    • Pop Culture Propaganda – techniques for fighting against the subtle, and not-so-subtle, bias in our pop culture
    • Guerilla Tactics – oh yes, we have plenty.

    Sessions in each of these six tactics will be run repeatedly during the course of the event – attendees will be able to attend all six, or any of their choosing.  In addition, the sessions will be videotaped, and a handbook will be produced at the end of the event.  Why?  Because this is a lot of work, and we want to have produced more than just an army of activists, although that is our key goal.  We want others to benefit from what we do that day, and video, online information and a handbook are ways of extending the reach beyond October 11th in Los Angeles.


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