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    Ventura community members invited to Green Street celebration and demonstration event, Aug. 27 from 11am – 1pm

    vialis 40mg arial, unhealthy sans-serif; font-size: 12pt;”>The City of Ventura’s Public Works Department is hosting a Green Street celebration and demonstration of the new stormwater improvement project on Saturday, Aug. 27 from 11am – 1pm in Midtown Ventura, on Hartman Drive between Thompson Blvd. and Main Street.

    Community members are encouraged to come see the new Green Street features in action during a demonstration. Using “curb cuts” and pervious concrete, the Green Street collects, stores and infiltrates stormwater runoff from the street, which helps protect our waterways and beaches from pollution and recharges our groundwater. Residents can also learn about the new residential curb cut permit, which allows eligible homeowners to create their own bio-swale in their parkway – the area between the sidewalk and street.

    Ventura Mayor Erik Nasarenko will make brief remarks as city staff demonstrate how the pervious concrete and bioretention cells help collect, clean and infiltrate stormwater — instead of letting it flow to the ocean.

    Attendees will receive a free bag of compost, while supplies last. Raffle prizes include compost bins, worm bins and rain barrels. Bring your whole family to learn about protecting Ventura’s environment and our local water quality.

    “Green Streets can play an important role in helping communities reduce stormwater pollution and recharge local groundwater,” says Rick Raives, the city of Ventura’s Public Works Director. “In addition, a well-designed project can really help beautify local streetscapes and improve the aesthetics of a neighborhood.”

    The Green Street project was undertaken by the City of Ventura as part of the settlement of an enforcement action by the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Control Board.

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