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    Evidence Against The Climate-Change-Fairy Tale, Higher Risk Of Cancer By Vaccination



    by Carsten Leimert

    Evidence against the climate-change-fairy tale:

    Many Politicians, journalists and scientists claim that the carbon-dioxide-concentration of the air would allegedly increase and therefore the earth would heat up.

    Only 0,04% of the atmosphere contains carbon-dioxide. This little share is increased by humans for 0,02% per annum. *

    Therefore, the annual share of carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere, which is caused by mankind, is only 0,000008 % (= 0,04 % * 0,02%).

    At most 1% of this tiny share is caused by incineration of coal (and it is caused marginally by the incineration of oil). ** 

    Therefore, the annual share of carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere, which is caused by mankind by incineration of coal, is only 0,00000008 % (= 0,000008 % * 1 %).

    Therefore, the annual share of carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere, which is caused by mankind, is marginal and cannot be measured (considering the relative huge/gigantic fluctuations of the composition of the atmosphere). It can’t be measured even after 1000 years. And the increase of the temperature, which is caused by that increase of the share of the carbon-dioxide, is also marginal and can’t be measured (considering the relative huge/gigantic fluctuations of the temperature of the earth).

    Despite this, the plants, which are living on the continents and in the oceans, would spend/consume more carbon-dioxide from the atmosphere and from the oceans, if the share of carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere and in the oceans would increase.

    Despite this, a higher share of carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere – if it wouldn’t be just marginal – would lead to white clouds (like on the planet Venus) and these clouds would reflect the sunlight with the result that the earth would less heat up, i.e., would cool down.

    *: Our atmosphere contains about 0,04% carbon-dioxide, i.e., 3000 gigatons carbon-dioxide. Mankind produces 36 gigatons carbon-dioxide per annum. 98% of this carbon-dioxide land/end up in the water and only 2% (i.e., 0,7 gigatons carbon-dioxide) end up in the atmosphere. 0,7 gigatons out of 3000 gigatons means 0,02%.

    **: Allegedly mankind produces 36 gigatons carbon-dioxide per annum. Only a little share of this amount is produced by the incineration of 8 billion tons coal per annum, because at its incineration coal is mostly transformed into ash and only a tiny share of the coal is transformed into carbon-dioxide (and the incineration of 16 million tons oil is marginal).

    Strong indication that a constant vaccination every third month could maybe lead in 10 years to cancer for some humans:

    The vaccinations cause infections/inflammations (one can recognize that by the extreme high level of antibodies in the blood). If one suffers a permanent inflammation, then this means that his body is under constant biological-chemical stress. And most cancer-patents were under constant stress for a long time (one can recognize that by the permanent low adrenalin-level of cancer-patents, because the adrenaline-level falls/decreases to a low basic-level if one has permanently stress. Furthermore, permanent stress causes that the metabolism is running permanently on a high level (/on full speed/in the red zone), which leads to premature erosion and that there will be far more waste-products of the metabolism in the body, which can accumulate, so cancer-cells maybe could dock/mount/extent at these waste-products. In analogy to this, maybe excessive sport could lead to more waste-products of the metabolism in the involved muscles, which could maybe support that muscle-cells could maybe dock/mount/extent at these waste-products with the possible result that the muscles will maybe grow.

    Furthermore, vaccinations could maybe lead to an encroachment of the immune-system, and this could maybe support cancer, i.e., increase the risk of cancer. Because the British health administration recognized that in case of a corona disease the level of antibodies of vaccinated patients was lower than amongst unvaccinated patients. This maybe indicates that the vaccination could maybe weaken the immune system.

    source: U.K. Health Security Agency, in its Week 42 “COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report,” on page 23

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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