Facebook DELETES Page for Bleeding Blue Movie

Facebook arbitrarily deletes Bleeding Blue Movie Page
In case you tried to visit the Bleeding Blue movie page on Facebook, you did not find it. We got notification a few days ago that the page had “violated Facebook’s community standards”.
Since Facebook does not tell you what those standards are or what our specific violation was, we have no idea why they would delete our page. WITH NO WARNING!
So we tried to publish it again, under a new name. Here is the message Facebook sent.
Our team worked tirelessly and spent a small fortune creating Bleeding Blue. We never considered the payoff. We merely wanted to set the record straight on policing in America.
But it appears that forces larger than we do not want this movie to get wide exposure.
I mentioned before that when we put the film in theaters for screenings, we got push-back from some theater owners who said they didn’t like our content. I doubt Hollywood ever faced such nonsense, and we all know the crap films they produce. Yet, our film had to pass a litmus test to be screened.
For those of you who have not seen Bleeding Blue, you are missing a SPECTACULAR film. But Leftists don’t want this film to be seen, because it could actually help the country heal.
The Bleeding Blue team is not made up of marketing geniuses. We spent lots of money and lots of time hoping we could make a difference, perhaps save a few lives of law enforcement, as well as those they encounter.
We hope you will continue to help.
Our goal continues to be to raise funds to properly finance and market the film and make it available to as many people to see as possible.
But we need YOU more than ever, if Facebook and other social media companies continue trying to stop us.
Each day the lies continue costs the lives of law enforcement officers all over America. Let’s stop this seemingly endless cycle.
For every gift over $100, we will provide a code to view the film for free.
For gifts over $250, you will receive an unlimited view link the film, and an official poster, autographed by at least one of the producers of the film.
For others who wish to view the film directly, click below:
See the audience reaction trailer below:

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Joe C
Joe C
2 months ago

Obviously the left wants a communist form of government, which is impossible for them to achieve with our Constitution, our laws, and, especially, law enforcement.