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    Fake Cure For Fake Disease–Ventura County BOS Meeting, November 16, 2021 – Agenda #8

    Column by Judy Bruce of Simi Valley


    Ventura County BOS has apparently decided their citizens are expendable. They are continuing to coerce the public with their stupid lying Covid reports to take a known fake vaccine for a fake disease (never proven by the CDC to exist). Unless they all have been living under a rock, they must know that the fake vaccines have already caused many, many more deaths than the fake disease. But of course, we all know they are either bribed, threatened, or blackmailed because they are continuing to promote assassinating their citizens – which includes 5 to 11-year-olds!!   If anyone reading this still has a functioning brain and plan on keeping it, they should never watch those vomit-inducing Ventura County Covid reports ever again.

    There is no way they, the BOS, have sufficiently investigated the poison that is in that needle that is being squirted into so many arms or that they sacrificed themselves like so many other millions who already have. If they have, they’re waiting for you in hell, by the way.

    Could the BOS have become so evil that they would accept untold riches to kill off large numbers of their own species? Or have they always been that way?

    No other assessment is possible for this despotic Covid alleged epidemic, a pharmaceutical power-play being inflicted on uninformed citizens who generally obey the dictates of the bureaucratic structures which pretend to govern them but harvest them for profit. They continue to take advantage of limp-minded lemmings who lined up to take the shots and then urge others to follow them in their lunacy if they don’t keel over and die first.

    Following those orders has already cost more than 1 million people their lives. Today people are being coerced into taking a poison vaccine proven to kill and name for a disease that doesn’t really exist.

    This fake disease was deliberately Invented by very rich well-known men who wish to enslave the world by controlling the brains of the population through electronic receiving operating systems installed in the blood streams of humanity by fake vaccines.

    Now, everyone in the world is under the threat of being forced to accept an experimental inoculation that will either sickened and kill them or make them sterile; or suffer financial penalties that will make their lives a nightmare. All of this has been made possible by people believing in things that they don’t understand and or by trusting leaders who have lied for years.

    It blows my mind that anyone with two working brain cells would believe comments so often made by Levin, Supervisors Ramirez, Parks, and others in the County i.e., “be safe, take the jab “. There has never been a more profound oxymoron. They are obviously lying because official statistics prove millions have died which makes the job anything but safe!!!

    Nevertheless, the Supervisors and Public Health officials continue to press on with demented recommendations, ignoring the warnings of principal doctors whose knowledgeable caution is suppressed by the County and mainstream media.

    I am not anti-VAX; I am anti-assassination. It’s unfortunate our BOS and Public Health officers are continuing to be pro-assassination; and all under the cover of a fake vaccine for a fake disease which is killing millions needlessly.

    They will be held accountable.

    Source: John Kaminski

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    2 years ago

    So Covid is a fake disease?


    2 years ago
    Reply to  Bill

    The information is totally Correct and I couldn’t make any better comments, however the ones holding their arm out seem to be programmed by the Media that as Brainwash them to carry on taking the poison and it’s Impossible to wake them up before it’s to late for them.

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