Fauci may have created Covid and AIDS Epidemics


by Dan Reynolds

With the revelation from the National Institute of Health (NIH) that Fauci was in fact, sending money to the Wuhan Lab and was involved in the Gain of Function research that led to Covid 19, one wonders what to call him? 

Certainly not Doctor, or a Scientist, not even the honorary title of Mr. He no longer deserves any of those honorific titles! Links:

Video of news broadcast




Yale Epidemiologist Harvey Risch: Lives Lost Due to Fauci/FDA Opposition to LIfe-saving Treatments, by Dennis Behreandt 8-24-2020


The Human we have come to know as Fauci has defined himself as “Science” as a means of self defense so he cannot be questioned or challenged by anyone. 

In my opinion, when a person such as Fauci says they are Science they are suffering from delusions of grandeur, have become a lying, sociopath, and an insane human being. And I am being kind by saying Fauci is a human being. 

When a person has gotten to the state of consciousness where they call themselves “Science” and are denying they funded the projects that created the C-19 virus then this is not an honorable person or a person to trust with ones life or child. It is also being reported that Fauci suppressed known effective drugs against AIDS, and HIV. I’m coming to realize that those people who create viruses with weird and obscure reasoning for doing so or suppress effective drugs for the purpose of making money

are in fact, the most dangerous people on the planet, next to developers. Because they hold themselves above the law, they give themselves the power of life, death and permanent disability while receiving full immunity from the destruction they have wreaked across the globe.

This Email Reveals Fauci Brushed Off the Best Advice He Could Have Possibly Been Given, by Scott Morefield, Jun 07, 2021


Covid Coincidence, By Contributor & author: Marilyn M. Singleton, MD, JD

…Dr. Fauci, in dismissing hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, resurrected his same excuses for not using a drug that frontline physicians found effective for AIDS patients?…


The following article about “Polio Vaccine and AIDS in Africa” was before Fauci’s employment. But it highlights the dangers of vaccines being created from animal viruses even for supposed benefit to humans. Today’s scientific definitions explain this process as Gain of Function experimentation even though it was meant to help, not to harm humans.  I question how many experiments that have gone from animal to human have in fact caused more problems for the health of our human population and problems for the animals that were the source of the experiments.

Polio vaccines and the origin of AIDS

…the early polio vaccines were contaminated with at least one monkey virus, SV40…


Did A Polio Vaccine Experiment Unleash AIDS In Africa, by Tom Curtis, April 5, 1992

…human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) thata causes AIDS in humans is a variant of a virus found in monkeys and chimpanzees…


Flashback: Fauci’s NIH funded experiments on AIDS orphans in New York City

by World Tribune Staff, 10-26-2021


Fauci Botched the AIDS Epidemic so Big Pharma Could Profit. He’s Doing It Again With COVID. Via Children’s Health Defense


Video of orphans is rather graphic:

Report: Fauci’s NIH Funded Medical Experiments on AIDS Orphans in NY City


Science has moral and ethical guidelines it must follow to be Science: to be reliable Science, to be qualified as respected Science. When Fauci lies in front of the world and denies his crimes and then claims he is the definition of Science what he has described himself as is a Mad Scientist.

Fauci needs to be removed from the medical industry, stripped of all medical practice abilities, his companies need to be closed and all of his personnel including Fauci must face international war crimes and a military tribunal. He was told and ordered by the Federal Government to abandon Gain of Function research years ago.  He was never held accountable for the AIDS epidemic. He was never held accountable for the botched flu shots and he was the one who caused the Swine Flu vaccine side affects in several countries.

When Sharyl Attkisson Exposed A Phony Epidemic; Media Blackout; CDC and Fauci Told a Lie The Size Of An Aircraft Carrier Parked In Times Square

By Jon Rappoport, 9-13-21

…Fauci was, in fact, recommending a highly dangerous vaccine for protection against An Epidemic That Didn’t Exist At All…[includes quote from Children’s Health Defense (3/27/20)]: … [Dr. Anthony] Fauci…fast-tracked H1N1 influenza (‘swine flu’) vaccine…to wreak havoc in multiple countries…increasing miscarriage risks in U.S…adolescent narcolepsy in Scandinavia…febrile convulsions in one in every 110 vaccinated children in Australia…fake pandemic, CDC crimes, and a damaging vaccine…


If you believe this man is your savior than I challenge you to seek out the truth, learn the truth and for once, quit considering him an American Hero and understand the truth.

Fauci is anything but a savior and in fact is a man who is making money dedicated to experimenting on your family, experimenting on you, your children, orphans, relatives and using Congress as his scapegoat to escape your wrath for when things go wrong.

This new information is frightening: 

Scientists recreate 1918 flu virus, see parallels with H5N1

By: Robert Roos, Oct 05, 2005

…the directors of the CDC and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease (NIAID), Dr. Julie Gerberding and Dr. Anthony Fauci, said, “For the first time, researchers have deciphered the entire gene sequence of the 1918 virus…to assemble viruses that bear some or all of these genes…questioning the wisdom…Richard Ebright, a bacteriologist [said]…”have constructed, and provided procedures for others to construct, a virus that represents perhaps the most effective bioweapons agent now known.”… [CIDRAP – Centers for Infectious Disease Research and Policy]


If you want to get your freedom back and to stop being the medical industries relentless experiment, then: I ask you to stand up now and contact Children’s Health Defense Fund and ask them to hear your stories and your situation. Then copy what you tell and send your stories of truth to every news media in the USA and the world. Then send it to Congress, State Governors, State Assembly and local State Senators. Then to the Prosecuting DA’s Office demanding to prosecute the Board of Education for illegally forcing a life, death, and disabling vaccine on your child. 

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

Dan Reynolds resides in Ventura County

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C E Voigtsbergfer

If you want to learn about what the gay community thinks of Fauci, I recommend the book And The Band Played On. It is written by a gay individual who lost many friends to the aids epidemic in the 80s. He lists the ways that Fauci extended the aids epidemic and made it worse than it was. Sound familiar?

Snake Plissken

Let’s go Brandon

Last edited 5 days ago by Snake Plissken
Snake Plissken

Was the AIDs virus another Fauci gain of function masterpiece?

Last edited 5 days ago by Snake Plissken
C E Voigtsbergfer

In a word, Yes!

Marc Starsky

Fauci is plain s simple a murder.
Do get me started with a rant about what a piece of lying garbage he is.
He is murdering bastard and should be in a federal prison.


Fauci is nothing but a fake wanna be doctor! The first time I saw him in an interview, I said there was something about that little weasel of a man I just didn’t like! He is the perfect candidate for a one way trip to Gitmo for all of his crimes against humanity, animals and for lieing and lieing over and over!

Last edited 18 days ago by Dorothy
Michael A...

America today seems to worship all the wrong people. What’s wrong here? The quick answer is media. It’s all about profit and ‘the easy fit’.