Fight To Stop Ventura SoCalGas Compressor Unites Californians On Frontlines Of Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

Climate & Public Health Advocates, Frontline Communities & Local Elected Officials  Rally for Freedom From Fossil Fuels

Ventura, CA — All across California, communities on the frontlines of fossil fuel extraction are witnessing not only the harsh consequences of climate change, but also the hazards of living only steps away from oil and gas infrastructure. 

For years, Ventura’s Westside community has lived in the shadow of a SoCalGas compressor station identified by NASA as a “super-emitter” of methane. SoCalGas has initiated efforts to double the size of the facility that sits across the street from an elementary school and Boys and Girls Club. Approximately 500 people live within a quarter mile of the facility, but as many as 4,750 live within a half mile radius — close enough to be impacted by a gas explosion. 

On July 17, frontline communities and elected officials from across California will unite to demand Gov. Newsom instruct the California Public Utilities Commission to conduct an Environmental Impact Review before any other work can be completed on the facility, and to phase out oil and gas drilling immediately. 

WHAT: Stop SoCalGas in Ventura: Fight for Freedom From Fossil Fuels. Hosted by Last Chance Alliance, Westside Clean Air CoalitionVISIÓN and Stop SoCalGas Coalition

WHEN: July 17 from 11:00 am until 2:00 pm

WHERE: Kellogg Park, Ventura

WHO: Frontline community members from around California including Ventura, Culver City, Playa Del Rey, and Aliso Canyon

Ventura Mayor Sofia Rubalcava

Culver City Mayor Alex Fisch

Ventura County Supervisor Carmen Ramirez

Patagonia CEO Ryan Gellert

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