Fighting Evil at the County Level

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Fighting Evil at the County Level

A couple of days ago I shared with you our strategy for fighting evil at the county level.

The info graphic I shared is included below, with a few others that have been making the rounds!

(And contrary to the “fact-checkers” my comments stand as lawful and accurate.)

Some of you wanted to learn more about this, and I have answered those questions in the videos below.

Many of you are emailing me with concerns about mandatory vaccines being required by schools, event centers, retail stores and employers.

I’m hearing from concerned Americans in Oregon, Hawaii, Alaska, New York, Connecticut — and of course, California.

Don’t think it can’t happen where you are!

(But I have remedies available…)

We are fighting this unlawful, immoral, unethical and unthinkable “trial balloon” being floated in California.

Santa Clara County, for example, in the Bay Area of CA, just issued an order to that effect, that employers MUST check vaccine status for employees.


But I am here to fight evil.

Who’s here with me?

Here are 3 videos I made about how to fight evil at the county level.

Let’s take a look now, shall we?!

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Click to watch Part 2 of 3: FIGHTING EVIL AT THE COUNTY LEVEL

Click to watch Part 3 of 3: FIGHTING EVIL AT THE COUNTY LEVEL

THREE SIMPLE TALKING POINTS to fight at the county level

This is what I’m focusing here in CA. You can adapt these to reflect the laws in your own state.


As predicted, the public servant LAW BREAKERS are looking for ways to kick the can down the road, telling businesses that they can require a vaccine verification as a condition of entry/services.


We will NEVER RELENT in keeping our eagle eye over these public servants.

Thus, if you can join us yet again….

Orange County Board of Supervisors

Tue, 5/25, 9:00 am

333 W. Santa Ana Blvd. Santa Ana, CA


Adapt my talking points and fight this in your area!

To the Board:

Forcing a medical experiment upon an individual as a condition to participate in society is illegal, unlawful and immoral and reprehensible and it is a violation of our God-given, Natural, and Common Law rights, as expressed and confirmed in the American Declaration of Independence, and as reflected in the constitution of this state and the constitution of the United States.

1. There is no emergency. There never has been one. The numbers don’t support it.

2. This board is perpetuating the notion of an emergency to get money, to impose tyranny and to unlawfully force medical experimentation upon the populace. This so-called vaccine has only gotten an emergency use authorization under the guise of an emergency; otherwise the EUA is null and void (by the way, masks and covid tests are EUAs as well.)

3. Even if this could be called an emergency, no emergency suspends one’s rights. Rights cannot be taken from you.

4. This board is perpetrating fraud, and fraud is a felony and a felony carries a prison sentence. You are hereby notified that if you engage in harassment, intimidation and/or retaliation against any member of the public including me, for this statement of truth, such actions will be reported to the FBI.

It doesn’t matter whether vaccines work or not.

It doesn’t matter whether this is even a vaccine or not.

What matters is that each individual has sovereignty and authority over their own body.

We know what this board is doing.

We know exactly what this board is doing.

Here’s the real truth:

These so-called vaccine can never be required as a condition for commerce.

Among many laws that protect individuals from the excess power of government tyrants, here are just a few…

1. EMERGENCY USE AUTHORIZATION LIMITATIONS on All COVID-19 vaccines , which are under an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and cannot be made mandatory.

On its website, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) notes the following: “…Recipients must be informed… that they have the option to accept or refuse the vaccine .”

 2. Forced vaccination violates the right to privacy, which is protected, secured and guaranteed by the 4th Amendment of the US and the constitution of this state.

3. Forced vaccination is unlawful DISCRIMINATION, discriminating against those who have cell phones or want to participate in AI.

Further, forced vaccination is a violation of:

 – CA GOV Code 51, which protects FREE AND EQUAL access to ALL PUBLIC ACCOMMODATIONS:

Public Accommodations are “private businesses engaged in commerce.” That means retails stores, banks, restaurants, recreation, transportation – and entity, location or establishment that is open to the public is prohibited from discriminating against the entry of a member of the public.

 – CA GOV CODE 12926 (q) protects one’s religious liberty and practice, including the ability to NOT PARTICIPATE in practices that violate one’s sincerely held religious beliefs

 – CA GOV CODE 37100 – prevents any creation, application or enforcement of a law or policy that violates the California Constitution or the Constitution of the United States.

— CA HSC 24171 and 24172 declare that individuals have the right to determine what is done to their own bodies and to refuse consent to medical experimentation without duress, coercion or influence


Based on the above, and on behalf of all those named and referenced herein:

(a) No business or organization, including any governmental agency has the authority to force me or anyone else to take any and all COVID-19 vaccines, as well as any other vaccine;

(b) No business or organization, including any governmental agency, has the authority to deny me any and all services provided to COVID-19 vaccinated individuals;

(c) Denial of any such services, will be a violation of our God-given, Natural, Common Law, state and federal constitutional and international rights not to be vaccinated in any way or form without our consent, this includes our right not to be tracked based on our vaccination status; and

(d) Any such government agency, business or organization, person’s acting as offices of such entities, man and/or woman, violating our right not to vaccinate against COVID-19 will be liable under tort law and for deprivation of rights under color of law, and will be subject to lawsuits, accordingly.

A tort, in common law jurisdiction and otherwise, is a civil wrong that causes a claimant to suffer loss or harm, resulting in legal liability for the person who commits the tortious act. It can include intentional infliction of emotional distress, negligence, financial losses, injuries, invasion of privacy, and many other things. In summary, no COVID-19 vaccination can be required in order to operate in community and social life, whether it is to go shopping, to work, to visit recreational areas, to visit persons in medical establishments, to travel, to visit restaurants or any business, or to enjoy are God-given right to go about our lives without government or corporate interference.

Failure to respect this, and any intent to violate anyone’s right not to receive any vaccine for COVID-19 or any other disease may and will result in legal action against those involved:

(1) In the case of government officials, coercing and forcing any person to take such vaccines is a violation of your Oath of Office, your obligation to protect our constitutional rights, and will strip you of any and all governmental immunity for acting outside of your authority; and

(2) In the case of any business and organization, man or woman, coercing and forcing any person to take such vaccination in order to provide any services or to provide access to your establishment, will be considered a violation of constitutional rights, subjecting your business or entity, and you as a private citizen, a man or a woman, to legal action against all of your assets. Business and organization policies are not above the law.

LEGAL NOTICE: If I am compelled or forced to vaccinate to receive your services and I am injured, it will be considered coercion, duress and against our will, and you will be held liable for any such injury. I note here that we are not refusing vaccination, we are simply declining such vaccination for the reasons noted herein, and as mandated by God, the highest legal authority.

— Peggy Hall, Founder, THE HEALTHY AMERICAN


Resources to help you right now

EMPLOYEE RIGHTS — watch now!

MEDICAL RIGHTS — watch now!

Know your STATE LAWS

You can Decline VACCINES

Get your RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION LETTER for employer or school

Wear a RELIGIOUS EXEMPTION BADGE for entry to stores and public places

DISCRIMINATED AGAINST? Remedies are here (#12)

Watch Peggy’s videos here (please SUBSCRIBE)

Look for “The Healthy American Peggy Hall”

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FREEDOM FOR CALIFORNIA  — new youtube channel for CA info!

PLEASE NOTE: We do not provide attorney referrals.

We could NOT do this important work without your help!

Peggy Hall,


Card and checks gratefully received here:

Peggy Hall

205 Avenida del Mar #681

San Clemente, CA 92674





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Hugo G Goerner

Peggy…I understand how you feel. However, it is not a good idea to threaten people. We pay the BOS to do a job. I Support your efforts to bring back our civil Liberties, but I truly believe the BOS did not shut down the county to gain financially. They just followed the Newsom doctrine…like so many others. I started an org. EPAC, llc. please go to and lets combine our efforts to thwart the onslaught of tyranny in CA, and America. I am aligned with 2 other major org.’s to reverse the Authoritarian subjugation of Our Culture and more importantly..Our Voice. Our Vote.