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    Setting Brushfires of Freedom by Don Jans

    Firefighters In Los Angeles Fighting Against Vaccine Mandates

    By Jo A Caviezel,


    A group called Firefighters for Freedom Foundation and 330 individual firefighters are bravely taking a stand against the vaccine mandate being imposed by certain Captains and Chiefs in their department.

    The mission and goal of Firefighters For Freedom is to stop mandated vaccinations for all city employees as well as every citizen who want to maintain autonomy when it comes to their own bodies.

    The group sent a cease and desist letter to LAFD Chief Ralph M. Terrazas.  Below is the content of the letter published with permission from Mr. McBride

    via email: [email protected]
    Re: COVID-19 individual exemptions guidelines

    Dear Chief Terrazas:
    I represent 330 individual LAFD firefighters (as of today’s date), together with the Firefighters4Freedom
    Foundation—a non-profit organization whose purpose is to oppose the City’s vaccine mandate on behalf
    of the firefighters I represent. Our numbers are growing daily. I represent these individual firefighters
    pursuant to Calif. Govt Code §3502.
    It has come to my attention that certain of your department’s captains and chiefs are attempting to
    coerce or command LAFD firefighters to fill out medical/religious exemption requests, if they oppose
    COVID vaccines, before the September 7, 2021 deadline imposed by the City. We ask your Department
    to refrain from such conduct for three reasons:
    First, The September 7 deadline set by the city to apply for an exemption was clearly a voluntary option
    for city employees. The Department may not convert that voluntary option into a command or
    mandate without violating the letter and spirit of the City’s original voluntary deadline.
    Second, any command for firefighters to fill out the medical/exemption request letter violates the
    privacy protections under the California Constitution, section 1, article 1. Each person in California has a
    constitution right to maintain informational privacy and autonomous privacy. See, Hill v. National
    Collegiate Athletic Assn., 26 Cal.Rptr.2d 834, 856 (Cal. 1994) (“California constitutional right of privacy
    “prevents government and business interests from collecting and stockpiling unnecessary information
    about us and from misusing information gathered for one purpose in order to serve other purposes or to
    embarrass us.“) It seems clear that the only reason to require firefighters to seek an exemption is to
    identify those who oppose the COVID vaccine mandate. In other words, you would be collecting and
    stockpiling unnecessary information for potential misuse on this issue in the future.
    Third, the issue of COVID vaccination requirements is, beyond reasonable question, a political issue in
    this City and State. Pursuant to Govt. Code §3252, a firefighter may not be coerced to engage in political
    activity. For this reason, any effort by the Department to require disclosure of status or position
    regarding COVID vaccinations or exemptions requires firefighters to engage in political activity against
    their will—a violation of §3252.

    For the above reasons, we respectfully ask you to communicate to your chiefs and commanders that it is
    not appropriate to coerce or force individual firefighters to apply for an exemption if they oppose COVID
    I have advised my clients that if they receive such a directive from a chief of your Department, they
    should nevertheless comply, under protest, lest they be found insubordinate for failing to follow a direct
    command. But were that to happen, we will escalate legal efforts in response accordingly.
    Finally, as you see from the cc: section below, Mr. Freddie Escobar is copied on this letter. Mr. Escobar  and UFLAC are, of course, the only entity entitled to speak on behalf of the entire LAFD membership. It
    is our hope that Mr. Escobar will assert a similar demand of the Department on behalf of the entire union membership that UFLAC represents with respect to this issue.
    Feel free to contact me, or have your counsel do so, with any questions or discussions.


    Yours very truly, KEVIN McBRIDE

    Attorney for FIREFIGHTERS4FREEDOM FOUNDATION and 330 individual LAFD firefighters cc: Mr. Freddie Escobar, President, UFLAC Ms. Dana Martinez, legal counsel, UFLAC: [email protected]Capt. David Fabela, president, Firefighters4Freedom Foundation

    To find out more about Firefighters 4 Freedom Foundation and how you can support their mission, go to

    Find out more about Mr. McBride at

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    William Hicks
    William Hicks
    2 years ago

    These Fire Fighters might want to look into how the postal service got their exemption.

    Chris Bailey
    2 years ago
    Reply to  William Hicks

    The Fire Fighters have a pretty strong union, and they also have the support of the people. Who doesn’t want to hug a fireman. Heck, EVERYONE. If they stand together, they will not need to worry about submitting to any vaccination. unless there is the possibility their municipalities will fire all of them. Think that will happen. NOT. Senator Rand Paul says it best. RESIST

    William Hicks
    William Hicks
    2 years ago
    Reply to  Chris Bailey

    THANKS CHRIS….That’s kind of the point I’m making.

    George Pattone
    George Pattone
    2 years ago

    Good for them and I hope VCFD and VCSD are also pursuing similar actions…
    These clot-shots are becoming more known for their adverse side effects than for the supposed benefits as described by the media propaganda campaign.
    Now that the bribes and free donuts campaign failed, the globalist powers are ramping up the coercion as the body count and adverse reactions pile up…
    Evidently the cardiovascular side effects appeared much earlier than their “death by natural causes” plans called for…
    They need to diminish the numbers of the unjabbed control group before the numbers get too large…
    Furthermore, Bill Gates (of Hell) and his patents, and documented comments about planet depopulation, only add fuel to the fire of those concerned about RNA stimulating, modifying or WHATEVER, and increase resolve to avoid their jab, even if we lose our jobs…
    Resist and stand strong against forced medical tyranny…
    If people want their shot for whatever reason, fine, your body, your choice… But no mandates or threats against those that elect not to take the shot…and they’re not vaccines, in the former proper definition…

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