Forced County COVID-19 Lockdown of Ventura Apt Building at 137 S. Palm St.

By Kevin Daly & George Miller

Lockdown was lifted today after results came in and only one positive test occurred.

On July 17, Ventura County forcibly locked down a seven story public housing (Ventura Housing Authority) apartment building at 137 S. Palm St in Ventura. You can view the lockdown order (unsigned) and a letter from the building manager below. The order claims its authority emanates from California Code 12030 and 120175.

It says “This order shall remain in force until rescinded by the Health Officer in writing. Violation or failure to comply with this Order may result in  “civil detention” and is a misdemeanor punishable by imprisonment, fine or both.”

We were told and the letter from the apartment manager states that the building is locked down, quarantine is mandatory until test results are received, no one is allowed in or out of the building except “essential workers” and that COVID-19 testing in the building is mandatory.

The apartment manager sent her own letter as well:

Latest bulletin 1:30 pm Monday:

We spoke to Ventura County Health Officer Robert Levin, who told us he was unfamiliar with the details and would get back to us shortly.  He called within a half hour and told us the following:

The building is run by the Ventura Housing Authority and has elderly and behavior health cases living there- 74 units in total, mostly singles. Some residents are mobile, some not.

A resident fell, was hospitalized and tested positive for COVID-19. The building management went on full alert. Common areas had already been shut down, but they also disabled the keys and residents couldn’t get back in if they left and returned. Some called the police, who told the management they couldn’t do that. So, the County Health Dept was involved and quarantined the place at management’s request, Levin told me.

Two more residents became ill, tested positive. The laundry area was closed.

After the tests results came in today, 7-20-20, only one more positive . The lockdown was rescinded, but residents were asked to avoid interaction, going out and to wear masks and socially distance. Dr. Levin is recommending retesting in a week or two.

Levin said this was a unique set of circumstances and  was done out of an abundance of caution due to the  very vulnerable population of residents. The county wanted to avoid situations like have occurred in nursing homes we’ve all read about.

We’ll let you know if we hear more.

Photos of 137 Palm Street from Photographer, David Pu’u

 A previous story on VC Health Officer Dr. Robert Levin:

VC Health Officer Facing Biggest Challenge of Career With COVID-19, Speaks With Citizens Journal

VC Health Officer Facing Biggest Challenge of Career With COVID-19, Speaks With Citizens Journal

By George Miller Ventura, 5-6-20- I talked with Dr. Robert Levin, Ventura County Health Officer, Public Health, of the County Health Care Agency, who quickly agreed with my statement that dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic situation is likely the biggest challenge of his career. He has the difficult job, among others, of managing Ventura County’s […]


George Miller is Publisher/Co-Founder of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard. Kevin Daly is an Oxnard legal mediator. 

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Where should I start?

To everyone reading this i was personally in the building the week it went on emergency lockdown, I’m not saying emergency lockdown to panic anyone. This had to be authorize soon and as quickly as possible due to the FACT that this is a building of elderly folks vulnerable to COVID-19.

yes we all have an opinion without actual facts!
Let me ask you all a question?
Were you you there?
Did you spoke to management,CEOs or building lawyer?

or did you only spoke to some potential elderly who might remember or did not get the actual information clearly?

I assure you that management did this to what I believe the intentions of having everyone safe and prevent COVID from spreading around the building

NOW to me the idea of suing the place and involving lawyers to the place you live is upsetting, WHY? you may ask, consider the fact that this is a retirement home, low income with a waiting list of potential residents waiting for a place to live. and most of you citizens pretend to care for the elderly folks that instead of helping them you are instigating for them and planting selfish ideas for a potential sue! disgraceful!

Residents of the building were not force to be in their rooms like potential rumors has it, they weren’t locked in and taken their keys away like potential rumors has it! they weren’t threaten by anyone this were all lies, rumors, and people instigating it to the residents head.
some residents have potential disabilities such as hearing, Alzheimers, unable to understand fully, disabled ect…
of course in state of emergency residents might tend to panic and not fully grasp all the information given to them.

Yes management was at fault for not passing down the message clearly but you would be too if you knew the longer you stay in the building the more expose you would be to the virus.

This building also had security not to keep resident in but to minimize risk and to prevent intruders from coming into the building that weren’t suppose to be in. security(which name remains confidential) explains that residents were able to go out about their business but can’t be hanging out with friends or family members around the corner of the building where there’s a bench, that visitors and family members were not authorize to come in the building only 24HRS Health Care services. Security also explained how residents could use the back area if resident needed a smoke, walk their dogs or just some fresh air.

I also understand that their key FOBs were disable, this was to minimize foot traffic and to make sure no one tried to sneak in the building, unless it was a resident.




it may be HOAX to you ROSE but in all seriousness Ive had members that had COVID-19 keep your rude comments to your self


How dare you give anyone such authority over your life??????? Granting them permission to kill you is No different than following their plot. I am so tired of hearing people willing to die without a fight!! gotta stand up to them. Now is the time to to turn things around. This is all a big world wide psychological study on Human Behavior

Jennifer Reinhart

This is beyond crazy! I just can’t imagine how terrible this is but then again its CA and with all the liberals and Democrats in that state I guess I understand. Anyway please people join together, get info, names, stories and make a hundred phone calls for lawyers that will represent you all. If you have enough it can be a class action. Please report this and blast the hell out of them on social media for doing this to you. I’m so sorry this happened.


I have family members in that building and for once this is misleading information I can’t believe it, residents were not enforce to be inside at all, they can leave and come back just to be protected and considerate of others, limitations were put in place to prevent the spread of COVID, that was all. limit the amount of visits, family member, and friends. I can’t believe people are so selfish trying to bring lawyers and sue for their own selfishness benefits. sue a place where you live is just ridicule.


oh no I read it and spoke to management about it.

Mike Smith

Bruce Boyer,

Video footage always trumps an After Action Review.

If you have, on tape, the incidents you describe here, you should submit a copy to Citizens Journal – and any other objective news outlet that would run it.

One America News Network comes to mind.

Bruce Boyer Candidate for Ventura County Sheriff

At the request of several people; I went to the building yesterday to talk in person to the residents. I spoke to many who were very upset about this abuse and violation of their rights. Several were so shaken by the experience that they had difficulty speaking about it ( and I have the easy to talk to, good listener friendly, skill sets). They told me how they were threatened that if they refused to go be tested immediately that they would be evicted ( leaving them homeless as theses are all Section 8 residents). They were forced to be tested and the results given to whomever they “Health officer” did.

One lady I spoke with ( who is a Trump supporter) was moved to tears telling me how she had been afraid to leave as she would then be locked out and left on the street! She is afraid to leave even now as they could put a new order in place leaving her out on the street homeless!

I did speak to a couple of people who were fine with everything. OK if they were happy to be locked in they can.

I did determine that I was misinformed as to people locked into their apartments: apparently they could leave but could they could not leave the building and return. While this did not create a fire hazard it is of course a violation of their rights.
I had asked attorney Joel Farkas if he would come up on Friday to meet with these people in person. I did not speak to even one that could drive/ had a vehicle. Mr. Farkas is doing so now. He will rep[resent all who want justice. As an LA attorney he does not have to be afraid of retaliation that would come down on him for taking on the corruption and abuse of our local govt.

When I came yesterday, as you might expect, the building security guard called Ventura City PD who inserted themselves. Private property access is NOT a police matter unless someone is ‘arrested” for trespassing by the property owner/renter or their agent. Once a person is given access into common areas one can go about them. They are NOT trespassing. After I had the security guard make it clear to the police that HE was not going to arrest me I made it clear to the officers that their ‘threats” to arrest me were not as to the law no were their’ orders” that I leave the building and that they shall cease from interfering with me as I am speaking to residents as they are infringing on my freedom of speech ( it is called a ‘chilling effect) as people are intimidated to speak to someone when their are police officers hovering over. The officers did distress several residents which who were already fearful as they had been threatened with retaliation, eviction.

I went back to canvassing the residents. Not content to leave me to be about my business they called for ‘back up” note again that they have no authority as to a person being on private property ( or arguably public as it’s a Govt owned and operated building) they then came to where I was speaking to people ( having also repeatedly called Mr. Farkas threatening him and demanding to know my name!) and proceeded to have four ( or was it five officers?) plus the ‘Housing Authority attorney/director?? demand I answer their ‘questions” as I am trying to speak to people> I again informed them that I do not answer any ‘questions” and that they are infringing on private conversations, our freedom of speech and intimidating people. They refused to leave us alone and were making it impossible for me to engage with people in a constructive manner. I chose to end my work for the day and to return Friday. As to the officers: several were not happy being used as bully dogs by politicians. Others were ‘just doing what they were told” and two wanted to use this to show off a power that they are entrusted with for law enforcement to be bullies. These would be officer Stone and Sgt. Cain Sgt. Cain personally threatened me with arrest If I ever return to the building!
The body cams will of course be subpoenaed as part of the litigation. They had no idea who the guy in the cowboy hat was. They only knew that I knew the law, my rights and that I do not scare worth a d%$m. They will soon find out my name. Sadly this is a reflection of how the corrupt politicians use our police to abuse us and protect them in their corruption. Seeing those who wanted no part of this abuse was and is always encouraging! The cops know that they better do as they are told or they wont make Sgt.


Nice of you to use all those nice people for your grandstanding political campaign.


Psyop! Another CIA initiative to scare the masses, cause confusion and distractions! Wake up, your government is running psychological operations on the masses!


Yep, its another step toward the evil vac tagging id for upcoming “environmental” grand event they are shouting about left and right. Im like yo ok we get it already. Plandemic, check. Masks, check. Id bodies, check. Asteroids and strikes, check. Takeover, check.

Val Serrano

Kevin Daly, good for you for ruffling the feathers of the Beast!


[…] heard on a radio show this morning about an apartment building in Ventura county that locked down a 7 story apartment building containing mostly elderly and behavioral issue tenets. […]

Who Cares

Someone needs to Tony Kiritsis the building management.

Renee R

Good Lord, these people committed multiple felonies. False imprisonment. you don’t TYPE OUT your crimes. Lol Talk about lawsuits and investigations to follow. Several people are in a lot of trouble.


Consider reading the statutes cited in the County’s Order.


Not sure at all how this is legal.

Tony Riggs

Hi Kevin,
Your statement is somewhat true “Our Ventura City Council and Ventura County Board of Supervisors has been hijacked by left wing politicians
who have no problem infringing on others constitutional
rights as long as it furthers their political agenda”.

However these positions are rarely ever ‘hijacked’, these left wing loonies usually get into position thru the complacency and/or indifference a lot of the voters have when it is their time to vote or be politically active. I’m only saying this from a position of understanding as I too was a lazy political activist/voter and did not take the time or energy to sow the concern I now have for my community.

Let’s stand against these tyrants and work to never let them into a position of power in the first place!

Jacquelin Hancock

I feel so sorry for these people. The beginning of Martial Law has come. Sounds insane, but since when can the government order free people to test against anything? Are we now in Russia? China? We are supposed to enjoy freedom through our Constitution, but apparently, if Ventura County decides differently, the US Constitution be damned! People, we are just seeing the beginning…. and they want us to “flatten the curve and go be voluntarily test for Covid 19” SERIOUSLY? SO THEY CAN MOVE US TO CONCENTRATION CAMPS???


[…] On July 17, Ventura County forcibly locked down a seven story public housing (Ventura Housing Authority) apartment building at 137 S. Palm St in Ventura. You can view the lockdown order (unsigned) and a letter from the building manager below. The order claims its authority emanates from California Code 12030 and 120175. Read full article […]

B. Krzanak

Why hasn’t this been reported to the news? People need to know about this information!!


[…] READ MORE at Citizens Journal […]

Kevin Daly

Having contributed to this article I find it scary that the city would quarantine people for three days based on
the positive Covid19 test of 1-2 people which are very
suspect based on the high number of false positives and other factors.
I called Mayor Matt Lavere on the radio and he claimed to have no knowledge of what was transpiring at the apartment complex and claimed that it would be a county public health issue.I then called and left a message with the City of Ventura Fire Chief letting him
know of potential for liability if residents were locked inside and a fire were to occur on the premises. Magically the quarantine was lifted that same day that I
made the two phone calls.
It is rather odd that Dr. Leven had no knowledge of the quarantine imposed on the residents of the building when the county quarantine order had Dr. Leven’s name on it.
Our Ventura City Council and Ventura County Board of Supervisors has been hijacked by left wing politicians
who have no problem infringing on others constitutional
rights as long as it furthers their political agenda.


So the test results were demanded by the building management? Sounds like a serious HIPPA violation to me, beyond the false imprisonment and other violations against the residents… I hope the management AND the county heath authority are BANKRUPTED by the civil suits they MOST certainly deserve.


Unless this “order” is Signed by a Judge, it has NO Validity whatsoever! Can you spell Guaranteed WIN in a class-action?!


You people are probably all Democrats and will still vote for Biden. No sympathy.


Truly terrifying. The constitution is dead. People think these measures are temporary…. these measures have just begun. In a few years, you’ll look back at this apartment situation and think ‘those were the good old days’. History is repeating itself.

Melodye Jarvis

It would be nice if the Management and the Health officer would be completely honest. They are trying to make themselves sound concerned about the tenants and like they were handling this in a logical and correct manner. I assure you that was not the case. A side matter, It would be nice if these apartments had exhaust fans in either the kitchen or the bathroom so that the air they were being confined in could be clean.

Melodye Jarvis

I live in this building. There are a lot of angry people and it was totally unnecessary. A reasonable request for cooperation would have been accepted by most. We had received a notice of voluntary testing, then on

I live in this building and none of you are getting the full cause of the tenants anger. Thursday night about 9pm the building was locked down without notice. Tenants couldn’t go to the courtyard or get their cars into the parking lot , as I said no notice. The next morning people pounded on doors,shouted at us, ordered us around and herded us down the hall. Ater testing we were ordered back to our apartments and told the manager would get the results in 2 days after the weekend. Also we went from the one guard to keep unauthorized people out to 3 guards to keep us in. So it is not true that we could go out. People with dogs had no way to take them out A blind tenant had to have someone come and remove his service animal, leaving him totally unprotected. Many people complained to the Housing Authority and suddenly, the next day it was okay to go to the courtyard and if you checked out and in with the guards most could leave for short periods. I should mention that when they h

Kim Jung un

Sue! Sue! Sue,!

William Hicks

I CALL IT…..TAKING THE LOW HANGING FRUIT FIRST. “Out of an abundance of caution” could be used as the excuse for any future thought of quarantine with abandon now.

The biggest question that comes to my mind is how was it that Levin didn’t know about this without checking with someone else?

Concerned Republican

We need to fight this lockdown! We can’t get to 5 Million infected in the next 2 weeks unless we immediately open schools and churches. Ban MASKS. #MAGA

Kenneth Weeks

Common Core, Global Warming, pandemic driven Lockdowns, rioters peacefully protesting, defund and rebuild policing, transformative processes – Much more going on than meets the eye. The video “The Hidden Agenda Behind The Planned Destruction Of America with Rosa Koire”, for an easy to understand explanation. On Youtube and Bitchute.

C. Collier

That’s actually a very good idea. We need herd immunity and there’s no way that we will get it by keeping everyone separated, masked up, etc.

Jack F

This is another example of a system of practices that will completely erode our freedoms.

Moving to a Southern state that still values American freedoms is becoming a more likely eventuality.

Audra Seldeen

Was this a test case for Levin who has threatened to do door-to-door testing and remove people who test positive? Did he pick this location b/c they are elderly people living here and he expected little resistance? Forced testing or eviction? Can someone tell what the use of testing is, when the very next day the results could change; or any of the next 14 days the test can change. A person would have to test every day of his life to maintain he doesn’t have the disease. It’s bogus. Who owns these labs? How did they establish so many labs in such a short time, and where did they find that many qualified lab technicians to man them? Someone should investigate when the buildings for the lab testing was rented. How are they disposing of all the “samples?” I hope they are burning them. Who is making a profit off all the testing? Millions of people several tests each, is quite an income for some.

sara evans

Recall Gavin NEWSOMN

PRINT, SIGN AND MAIL THE PETITION, OR find a signing event near you

Georgia Smith

We were told we could not leave . The manager said if I did not test I was going to be evicted. I tested at the college in Ventura not at the apartment. I was not allowed back in until I showed proof of being tested. I was yelled at with a lot of expletives for going to get my medication out of my car and threatened with eviction yet again . When we want to go out the front door we have to give our name and apartment number . We have to wait for a security guard to let us back in when we come back . No keys work for any of the five entry’s to the building .

R. Bowdoin

The articles says that people were locked out if they left. They did not lock anyone in. If an emergency were to occur, residents could exit.

K. P

Exactly. I have two relatives who are long time residents (different floors). They have dealt with this building’s Virus regulations since March. They let us know that they were tested and restricted to their rooms. There are fire drills ALL THE TIME. They feel safe. The positive residents are being dealt with.


That’s locked in.
People should be free to leave without an emergency.

BruceBoyer Candidate fro Ventura County Sheriff

Get your head around this. They locked down an entire building! Hundreds of people. Quarantine orders are spec as to one household. They physically locked the people inside. Had there been a fire a medical emergency; people could have died. The City just signed up to fork out millions in damages for false imprisonment! Which is less than the gross and criminal negligence damages had people died! Fire codes are express in that you cannot lock people in, with intent or otherwise (‘cept in jail)!! These are the people who supposedly know the law? Where are the Ventura City police? Sheriff’s? Fire Dept? All sold out…

C. Collier

Mr Boyer, i don’t find myself in agreement with you very often, but this time….totally. This was ridiculous over-reach and, as you mentioned, created an extremely hazardous situation. But i guess that’s the way it’s going to be as long as Newsom is fuhrer.