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    Former Democrat Rep Files For Bankruptcy After Drowning In Legal Fees From Failed Lawsuit Over Nude Photos

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    daily caller

    By Gabe Kaminsky

    A former Democratic California congresswoman who resigned in 2019 after admitting to having an inappropriate relationship with a female campaign staffer has filed for bankruptcy.

    Katie Hill, who founded a political action committee in 2020 to get liberal women elected to Congress, filed a lawsuit in 2020 against the Daily Mail and two conservative journalists for publishing nude photos of her one year prior. Hill alleged that her ex-husband sent the photos to the Daily Mail without her consent.

    Now, Hill owes those she sued roughly $200,000 in attorneys’ fees after her suit was dismissed on free speech grounds. She has filed for bankruptcy protection, according to The Los Angeles Times and her Twitter account.

    “Victims of our cyber exploitation are being let down by our legal system, and I have gotten an unfortunately personal look at the damage that can do,” said Hill. “When a vengeful person, political opponents, and a global tabloid conspired to take me and publish naked photos of me — including those taken without my knowledge or consent — a judge ruled that my naked body was in the public interest, and that I have no right to hold accountable those responsible for this assault to my privacy and dignity.”

    “The consequences to me personally meant that I had to recently file bankruptcy,” she also said. “Still, I don’t regret doing so, despite the severe and lasting financial repercussions of the offensive and just plain wrong ruling.”

    A spokesperson for Hill did not respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment, nor did the Daily Mail.

    Hill was elected to Congress in 2018. She alleged in her lawsuits that those who published her nudes violated California’s “revenge-porn” law, which criminalizes sharing private photos of someone without their permission except when it is in the “public interest.”



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    C E Voigtsberger
    C E Voigtsberger
    25 days ago

    I simply cannot understand women who post nude photos of them selves on public media and then cry foul when those photos get spread far and wide. Absolutely nothing that is posted on public media is private. How many times does that caveat have to be repeated?

    Even the Supremes have said it. If you post anything to any website, it is public domain. Anybody can look at it, anybody can send it to anybody else. You ave violated your very own privacy.

    So we should be happy that Hill was forced to resign. Anyone that slow-witted should not hold public office. As for her owing opposing council, again, only a slow-witted individual proceeds on such a shaky legal proposition. I am sure her attorneys advised her that there was slim chance of prevailing. That’s why they did not take the case on a contingency basis but insisted on a fee for proceeding. I strongly suspect that she will wind up paying her attorneys and most likely the opposing attorneys. I am confident that the retainer agreement contained a clause that the attorney fees for representing her in a wild goose chase would not be dischargeable in bankruptcy.

    Some people have to get hit over the head multiple times before painful lessons start to sink in. Be happy she is out of public office. Let us hope that condition is permanent and she gets a real job, perhaps dipping chickens in scalding water before plucking.

    23 days ago

    LOL. What’s with the Iron Cross tat ‘down there’? If she were anything other then a nutty lib just think of the noise we would hear.


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