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    Former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg buying Black votes in Florida

    By Michael Hernandez

    TALLAHASSEEE, FL—Former New York Mayor and Democratic failed presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg has given $20 million to  the Florida Rights Restoration Rights Coalition to pay the fines for 31,100 Black former criminals most likely to vote for Joe Biden in a “buy a vote” scandal that was reported by the Washington Post and The Hill on Sept. 22.

    The Bloomberg money went to the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition (FRRC) whose Executive Director Demond Meade states on the organization’s website: “The fate of the world is at stake. We are gearing up for the most important election of our lifetime. There is an ongoing fight to save democracy and the world—and Florida is at the center.

    “We win when we get people like me and people who historically haven’t voted to show up at the polls. We win with Florida. Elections in Florida are usually decided by 100,000 voters. We have our Fines and Fees Program to assist our returning citizens.”

    In Florida, felons are kept from voting until they’re paid off fines, restitution and court fees but can vote once they do so according to Amendment 4 passed in 2018. This is where billionaire Mike Bloomberg steps in with his $20 million to pay the fines of 31,100 felons who have accounts where they owe $1,500 or less (all have already been paid).  The state decided the 2000 presidential election by 537 votes. Florida has 29 electoral college votes. Bloomberg spent nearly a billion dollars on his failed presidential run.

    Others making contributions include: LeBron James, Michael Jordan, John Legend, Stephen Speilberg, MTV Comedy Central, VH1, Ben & Jerry’s, Levi Strauss & Co., the Miami Dolphins, the Orlando Magic, and the Miami Heat.

    “I believe there may be a criminal investigation already underway of the Bloomberg-connected activities in Florida,” said House Judiciary Committee member Matt Gaetz (R-FL) on the Sept. 22 “Hannity” show on the Fox News Channel. “Law enforcement all over the country should be looking what the cheating Democrats are going to try in this election.

    “Under Florida law (Title IX, Chapter 104: Section 2) it’s a third-degree felony for someone to either directly or indirectly provide something of value to impact whether or not someone votes. So, the question is whether or not paying off someone’s fines and legal obligations counts as something of value, and it clearly does.”

    Matt Gaetz was on the Fox News Channel with Jordan Sekulow who on today’s American Center for Law and Justice podcast said that besides a violation of Florida state law, investigators could pursue if there have been violations of the “Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act” (RICO laws) of the state.

    “Bloomberg announced why this money was going to Florida, it was to beat Donald Trump in Florida. This money is going to bribe people to get them to vote a certain way,” said ACLJ executive director Jordan Sekulow. “The attempt alone is a crime. The Democrat Party and allies like Bloomberg are trying to steal the election and cause chaos and fraud on election night. He has potentially put himself in legal jeopardy. Bloomberg told people why he was doing this to get votes for Joe Biden.”  

    A Bloomberg memo first reported by the Washington Post read: “We know to win Florida we will need to persuade, motivate and add new votes to the Biden column. This means we need to explore all avenues for finding the needed votes when so many votes are already determined.

    “The deal shows that in Florida, Black voters are a unique universe unlike any other voting bloc where the Democrat support rate tends to be 90-95 percent.”

    Congressman Gaetz reported that the “buy a vote” scandal is being investigated by Republican Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody.

    Michael Hernandez, Co-Founder of the Citizens Journal—Ventura County’s online news service; editor of the History Makers Report and founder of History Makers International—a community nonprofit serving youth and families in Ventura County, is a former Southern California daily newspaper journalist and religion and news editor. He worked 25 years as a middle school teacher in Monrovia and Los Angeles Unified School Districts. Mr. Hernandez can be contacted by email at [email protected].

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