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By Stephen Frank,  California Political News and Views

“A people that wants to remain ignorant and free … wants what never has been and never will be” ~ Thomas Jefferson.”


  1.  Ventura County GOP AGAINST Prop. 13 on March 3 ballot—CRP stills takes no stand
  2. Melissa Menendez bill to for positive statement at DMV for voter registration
  3. 200 attend Watch party in Simi Valley
  4. AOC to run against Sen. Schumer in 2022
  5. California Republican Party Does Not Endorse in several races
  6. Tyler Diep gets $1750,000 from union. A thank you for his support of AB 5?
  1.  The Ventura County Republican Party, led by Mike Osborn, a California Republican Party Board member, voted to OPPOSE Prop. 13 on the March ballot—it is the $15 billion “education” bond.  Placer, El Dorado, San Mateo and many other county committees have endorsed a NO VOTE on Prop. 13 on the March ballot.  So far the State Board, on which Mr. Osborn serves, has not taken a position.
  2.  Melissa Melendez (R-Lake Elsinore) has introduced a bill to require voter registrations to be positively agreed to at the DMV. Currently, folks who show up need to affirmatively decline it. When they don’t, they are registered as NPP, accelerating the rapid growth in that share of voters. The bill is AB 2072.
  3. The Simi Valley Womens Federated held a State of the Union Watch party at the best eaterie in town, the JUNKYARD—great food and a real hoot to visit.  About 200 people did this—CALIFORNIA REPUBLICAN VOLUNTEERS ON THE MARCH
  4. Sen. Lindsay Graham announced publicly what many in D.C. already knew—On the Laura Ingraham show Wednesday night he announced that AOC was going to primary Sen. Chuck Schumer in 2022!  By then chuck will look like a GOP moderate!
  5. In several races the California Republican party has failed to endorse. They are key races. For instance, so far they have not endorsed for President. Yep, those “involved” in leading the Trump campaign in California have not endorsed President Trump. Also, the $15 billion “education” bond, that doubles debt limits for school districts and mandates UNION ONLY labor for workers, has been opposed by numerous county GOP committees–but the CRP has not taken a position. Aaron Park in his blog talks about other races not endorsed–and those who get GOP money and who doesn’t. CAGOP Special Update: What’s The Holdup With the CA-03 and CA-12 Endorsement? Why Hasn’t Tyler Diep Been Removed in AD-72?
  6. Speaking of Assemblyman Tyler Diep, the CRP did repeal their endorsement of him. But, a union, I believe the SEIU, just gave him or spent on his behalf $175,000 (not a typo). He was the lone GOP’er to vote for AB 5. Guess the union is saying thank you to him

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

Stephen Frank: Is the the publisher and editor of the California Political News and Views.  Mr. Frank speaks all over California and appears as a guest on several radio shows each week. He has also served as a guest host on radio talk shows and is a full time political consultant.

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