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    By Christina Zubko

    Homeless encampments on Ormond Beach in Oxnard have become a serious problem. They are also spilling over into adjacent Hueneme Beach. Residents are demanding action.

    Homeless advocate Lang Martinez (right) visits a homeless encampment to help with an assessment in August, 2019.
    Formerly homeless Lang Martinez, clean and sober today, educated me on the “culture” of the encampments on Ormond Beach and well as other encampments.
    Martinez says there is one guy who has the “clave” (key in Spanish) to the tent city–805 on Ormond Beach.  This guy is the gate keeper…Want into Ormond?  Better pay up!  Pay can come in many forms–drugs, food, provisions–you name it. The bottom line is, if someone from Orange County gets evicted from his/her tent city, he or she must find another tent city.  This is when the negotiating happens.
    Martinez says these folks stay connected through their mobile devices and know where other encampments are.  There is a price to pay to join a “calle” or street.
    As I listen to Martinez, I recall a story years ago about the encampments at Ormond Beach and recall how organized the encampment was.  One of the vagrants called himself the mayor of that encampment–“Mayor Mike” he was called (see VC Star article “Deadline to leave Oxnard homeless encampment nears” Jan. 14 2018).
    Martinez is an ally to those of us seeking true understanding into the minds of the vagrants who are moving to Oxnard in droves.  He has been there and done that.  He is also now a God-fearing man who believes in accountability.  In his estimation, Oxnard is not enforcing accountability on many levels–not with the homeless at Mercy House, for one. Many Oxnard officials as well need to be held accountable for being complicit in the defilement of the Ormond Beach wetlands and in allowing Ormond’s encampments to grow unchecked.  As I post Ricardo Holden’s latest drone footage shot today, August 13, 2019, I wonder why OPD hasn’t already taken a look at purchasing their own drone.  Perhaps it is just easier not to look.  They say that ignorance is bliss.  In this case, ignorance is costly.  There are damages here–to a 10 year old boy, to a dog and her owner, and to the endangered species of Ormond Beach.
    Posted by Christina Zubko, Hueneme Voice.
    Recent  photos at Ormond Beach


    From Lang Martinez, homeless advocate, formerly homeless, now clean and sober:

    Good Morning Mark (Alvarado, Oxnard Homeless Coordinator),  I just wanted you to know that we did a assessment on ORMOND BEACH. I brought a professional addiction specialist. I also brought a retired Sheriff from Pittsburgh who has 23 years in the program of AA , I also brought a civilian who works with the homeless and myself.  Everyone there is qualified to do a assessment-  four different perspectives.  We all agree that out of 26 individuals interviewed, we found that 100 percent suffer from chronic drug and alcohol addiction. We all agree that 100 percent are in need of a drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation program of 90 days or more.


    We all agree that 100 percent, after detoxification, are in need of mental health services. We all agree that 100 percent are service resistant. We were in contact with approximately 70 individuals and we did not find one person capable of being able to maintain affordable housing. My question to you is because they are service resistant, does this mean that they get to continue to live on ORMOND BEACH? If your answer is no, what does the City of Oxnard intend to do ?
    Thank You- Lang Martinez.  This email will be forwarded to Christina Zubko
    Abraham Mendez, Oralea’s Bakery; Lang Martinez, homeless advocate; Mike Monahan, Retired Police Officer, on 8-14-19 Ormond Beach visit

    Citizens Journal asked Oxnard Police Chief Scott Whitney about action and received this response:


    OPD Chief Scott Whitney

    Hi George,

    .As you know, our police department is very busy. There is always more work to be done than there are resources available.

    In regards to Ormond Beach, we will begin enforcement actions in the very near future. Once we begin enforcement, we will be as consistent out there as our resources allow, and we expect that the residents will notice an improvement.
    As you know, the homeless problem will take more than enforcement. Having said that, we are always looking for new tools and strategies to minimize the negative impacts of vagrancy. Although not directly related to Ormond Beach, we’re working with the city attorney’s office to identify new city ordinances to help us combat the vagrancy problems.

    (Oxnard Police Chief Scott Whitney)

    Christina Zubko writes for the Hueneme Voice

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    Amy Bruder
    Amy Bruder
    3 years ago

    The long-overdue action being taken now is only due to the flurry of attention the problem has received on social media. Keep it up! And keep those drones up in the air. It’s easy to ignore what no one sees.

    Tom Dunn, Hueneme Voice
    Tom Dunn, Hueneme Voice
    3 years ago


    Christina Zubko and several other supporters were at Hueneme Beach this morning getting signatures for the Friends of Ormond Beach petition to get Oxnard to enforce city ordnance 2906 to protect birds of global significance at Ormond Beach from the vagrants camping in the Ormond Beach area, now around 40-50 encampments with around 100 people there. Their presence there greatly damages the wild life sanctuary.

    Kelly Long, District 3 Ventura County Supervisor, stopped by to lend support and the PHPD beach buggy with two officers stopped to say hello as they were headed to Ormond Beach to patrol Ormond Beach area which is now a part of the PHPD plan to maintain safety for Hueneme Beach goers where several criminal acts have occurred in the last two weeks. See pictures below and there is also a link so you can sign the petition.
    Petition link:

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