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    Gingrich Alerts Democrats That GOP ‘Tsunami’ Is Coming

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    WND StaffBy WND Staff

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is predicting that there will be more than a “wave” for Republicans in the 2022 elections just a year from now.

    It will actually be a “tsunami,” he says.

    He knows of what he speaks, having engineered the “Contract with America” for Republicans in the 1990s when the party took control of both the U.S. House and Senate, gained 12 governorships and regained control of 20 state legislatures.

    Now in a report in Just the News, Gingrich cited the stunning election results this week that saw a Republican candidate defeat a returning Democrat governor in that race in Virginia, and multiple city and county races turn to the GOP.

    Gingrich said Joe Biden is too weak and Vice President Kamala Harris too dumb to make course corrections that would save their party next year.

    He said the GOP could flip four seats in the U.S. Senate, where the parties are divided 50-50 right now, and take as many as 70 House seats away from Democrats next year.

    “Gingrich said Wednesday he believes voters spoke with an unambiguous voice that the country has shifted too far left on everything from education and the economy to policing and security but President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris are too weak and too woke to adjust their party’s strategy,” the report revealed.

    He said, during his interview on the John Solomon Reports podcast, “What you’re faced with, in Biden, is somebody who clearly doesn’t have the mental energy to maneuver. I mean, both Clinton and Obama were very good politicians. They’re both very smart. And they had the capacity to maneuver.

    “Kamala is so far to the left, and so dumb, that she can’t possibly be helpful here,” he continued, “And at the same time, every evidence we have is that President Biden is simply out of it, that he doesn’t understand this stuff. And a guy who falls asleep at an international conference, is probably not the guy who’s going lead you out of the wilderness.”

    Next year’s results, he predicted, “will be a tsunami, because [Democrats] can’t get out of who they are.”

    Biden, in office, has created a crisis on the southern border, mismanaged a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, been unable to cope with surging inflation, failed on COVID-19, has left the international community wondering where the U.S. stands on many issues, tried to take over elections nationally, and is working on spending trillions of dollars.

    The collapse of the Democrat agenda was highlighted this week by Republican Glenn Youngkin’s victory over veteran Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

    “I recommend everybody listen to Youngkin’s acceptance speech, when he really outlined a very positive vision of what they’re going to do starting on day one,” he said in the interview. “That’s what we need. … I think I would recommend that Republicans at every level, spend March and April in town hall meeting listening to the American people. And then from that develop a new contract that we can’t tell you today what it would be because we owe to the American people to listen to them first.”

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