‘Great News’: Biden Attempts to Spin Awful May Jobs Report

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Source: Conservative Daily News CDN

President Biden delivered a speech from his $2.7 million Delaware beach house Friday in which he attempted to put a positive spin on the troubling data in the May jobs report. Overall, May’s report shows slower than expected growth, most of the new jobs are low-paying, and that income is not keeping up with inflation.

“Today we received great news for our economy and our recovery,” Biden said. “This morning we learned that, in May, our economy created 559,000 new jobs.”

The report showed that 110,000 fewer jobs were created than the 670,000 experts had expected.

“The signs of further progress are already here,” he added.

Of the jobs that were gained, a significantly high number were waiters, cooks, and the like (292,000). Manufacturing saw only 23,000 new jobs, professional and business services gained just 35,000 jobs and construction lost 20,000 jobs.

“Our plan is working,” Biden commented. “And we’re not going to let up now.”

While inflation and the administration’s energy policy are making necessary goods much more expensive (+4.2%), the jobs report revealed that average hourly earnings gained a meager fifteen cents (+0.5%).

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Citizen Reporter


WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans’ approval ratings of President Joe Biden and the U.S. Congress remain stable at 54% and 31%, respectively. Biden’s rating has not varied by more than three percentage points since his inauguration, while the rating for Congress was significantly lower in early January.


Even that’s higher than it should be and driven by MSM pap.


Maybe that’s “just her opinion.”

Mike Smith

“Even that’s [54% Biden; 31% Congress] higher than it should be…”

Yes, but it also confirms the Carlin Test:

“Think of how stupid the average person is, and then realize half of them are stupider than that!”


Note to CR. Biden’s approval much higher the Trump’s, right?

Sheryl Hamlin

It is all about the stock market. This jobs report means the Fed will not taper its bond buyings….happy days are still here… liquidity will continue…


Thanks Democrats- lie lie lie and your voter base is too ignorant to see it! Thank god for real patriots that see through the BS and will come to the rescue of our country before you sell us out to the Russians and the Chinese.