Guess Who Developed The Spike Proteins Used In COVID Vaccines

Analysis by Dr. Joseph Mercola

In a stunning analysis of mRNA-based COVID-19 vaccine candidates, patent applications and intellectual property claims, two researchers have discovered that the National Institutes of Health developed the stabilized version of the spike protein used in the vaccines.

Moderna, CureVAc, Pfizer and BioNTech all disclosed that their mRNA vaccine candidates employ the NIH’s protein. Not only that, the researchers said, “It is also important to note that the U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and Moderna entered into an agreement in 2019 to co-develop coronavirus vaccines; however, this was before the identification and spread of SARS-CoV-2.”

To repeat: Moderna and the NIH had an agreement to develop coronavirus vaccines BEFORE the identification and spread of SARS-CoV-2. “The NIH also has four other provisional patent applications on a novel coronavirus vaccine as disclosed in a recent publication,” the researchers added.

Other findings show that the scientists have been studying mRNA as a novel therapeutic for decades, and that the NIH’s patents are connected to more than a dozen vaccine developers, either directly or through sublicensing. The links are depicted on a graph in the journal Nature Biotechnology.

SOURCE: Nature Biotechnology May 12, 2021

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[…] is the addition of those spikes proteins and other deadly additives that makes the mRNA so dangerous.  ‘Modified RNA’ is a small […]


Dr Mercola was menaced with terrific threats, libeled and slandered universally by lamestream media. Please read his Truth About Covid-19. As aviators say, when you start taking FLAK, you know you’re over the target!


You’re so full of crap your eyes are brown.


Try reading his book before you reveal to the world that you are truly ignorant.


I heard this before! So did you know the Common Cold is Considered a Corona Virus.


Yes, just like there is more than one type of herpes virus.

And if you’re trying to imply COVID is no different than a cold, then also tell me that getting a cold sore on your lip is the same as getting a life-long STD.


Yes there are many types of coronavirus. The discovery began several decades ago. If any of us had the flu in our lifetime ,it was probably of the coronavirus family. The PCRtest are diced to pick up ALL KIINDS of cvid, so we all are likely to have a ‘positive’ results. But not necessarily the “19”. this is where the Gov and Health industry is lying to us. The traditional flu is fatal to thousands of people every year. The “19” is totally different. It is not from a bat or nature, if it were, mankind would have had the “19” centuries ago would we have not? This was genetically modified virus for germ warfare. That is why our traditional treatments are not working against it. Look up Harvard research doctors getting arrested for smuggling viruses out of the USA ( 6 months prior to outbreak)


There are 7 types of corona viruses. 4 are common colds, 1 is spars, and 2 are sars as in bird flu that only affects Asians. Covid 19 is a sars made in a lab just like bird flu was.


Good job, Citizens Opinion, way to spin your fragile readers into yet another tizzy. Too bad you don’t care that they actually believe your BS and put their health at risk.

Or is this another Kraken moment where you expect no reasonable person would actually believe your crap?


Whomever is paying you, Jesse, they’re not getting their money’s worth. Perhaps you’re just a troll wannabe. We read books by doctors and scientists, and it’s not hard to discern truth from falsehood. By their fruits you shall know them!


Whomever is duping you, Bobby, is doing a damn good job.

So tell me, which books by doctors and scientists have you actually read?

How about this one from the Journal of the American Medical Association? Have you read this one?

Patricia Peloquin

I read the article you referenced, but this was on the Jama Network–an opinion piece. Many scientists and doctors commented on this JAMA article in its comments section, objecting/disagreeing. Here are 2 of many:

November 6, 2020
Differences of Opinion May Not be Pathological
David Bell, MBBS, MTH, PhD | Public health consultant
This article is disturbing. Attributing pathological or physiological differences to thought processes that lead to opinions considered ‘inferior’ from a scientific point of view perhaps belongs better in other times.

Particularly so as the article is premised on ‘false beliefs about COVID’. The mask issue, for example, is complex: ignoring this is perhaps more like denialism than acknowledging it. To state that someone skeptical of community mask impact has specific pathology is essentially saying that the authors of previous CDC and WHO guidelines on respiratory epidemic management suffered from such pathology. It also implies that the authors meta-analyses of RCTs were similarly afflicted or that the studies were massively flawed. This seems unrealistic.

November 6, 2020
Disturbing Analogy
Giovanna Calabrese, Medical Doctor, PhD Psych | Casa di Cura Igea, Milan, Italy
I might agree with the need to improve science literacy. However I find quite disturbing the parallelism between “false beliefs” and neurodegenerative disorders (“People hold beliefs with varying levels of truth. False beliefs are common in neurodegenerative disorders, particularly dementia with Lewy bodies and frontotemporal dementia.”). It is not long ago that political opponents ended up in psychiatric hospitals.


First off the AMA is a political organization that has been preventing cures from being published for over 100 years. They killed all the frequency machines because they cured cancer. They killed all natural cures that could not be patented to make money. They ran a smear campaign against chiropractors from 1900 to 1986 when they lost in court. Check your sources and stop being brainwashed.
Research this: Operation Lockstep by the John Hopkins University, Agenda 21, The Great Reset and The fourth industrial revolution headed by Nazi Charles Schwabb of the World Economic Forum.
If you can’t read due to loss of concentration from the vax, just watch The Fall of the Cabal.


“The Real Anthony Fauci” by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Now this is a book everybody should read. Everything in this book is confirmed and documented. Read for yourself. Good bless all.

Mike Smith

Question was about books written by doctors and scientists. When we add the RFK Jr. (a LAWYER) book to the list y’all have come up with a grand total of ZERO.

Guess we proved Bobby is full of shit.


I wish someone would take the mouth off of you subverters. Cant wait for ww3. NO ONE will censor or forcibly inject christians


Many so called Christians are volunteering for the jab. They don’t know it’s the mark of the beast because they don’t read or understand the Bible.

Rosalie Stafford

Please be sure and take al your booster jabs, Jesse


The way this is written sounds suspiciously like fearmongering.

Coronaviruses are common, there’s nothing strange about creating a vaccine for any of them, and then modifying it for the specific COVID-19
type that we got.


Please do a little research: these two men would be a good place to start. A patent application is a legal record, and should be used in court for cases like this “pandemic” that was engineered by the brilliant but totally corrupt Anthony Fanci.

Last edited 4 months ago by Bobby

“Nothing Strange” ? The covid 19 vaccine is a gene (manmade) injected into your body disrupting your natural immune system. There has never been a vaccine like this -ever. You say “noting strange”. Vaccine spend their formula and leaves the body in a way. Your popular ‘gene’ vaccine stays in the body for the rest of your life -just waiting for the next virus to come along.


Thank you Dr. Voyant too many people (i.e. people like Jesse) seem to lack the cognitive abilities to see past their bias and emotions. It’s sad that people cannot seem to put facts together for a rational comparison. Science is only moved forward by a discussion of the facts, nothing less and nothing more, when that isn’t allowed to happen (censorship) it’s no longer science but forms into some kind of an agenda driven media enhanced religion. I guess it’s easier to fool someone than it is to convince them that they have been made a fool. Logic doesn’t require feelings to be true just facts.
Thus far I have heard from a world wide community of doctors, scientists, immunologists, virologists, medical university professors and even those involved in creating vaccines, and at every level I have heard more cons about the vaccines followed by factual evidence than pros, which seem to be followed by more of an antidotal or short termed sort of evidence because no long term study has been done, mixed with their emotional pleas.
It causes me to ask; when will they see? Will it be when they see so many dying or being irreversibly injured. Will they then end the slumber of the sleep walking masses and make the connection. Shouldn’t medicine be judged dangerous before it is deemed safe, not the other way around? If something bad happens the day of the vaccination and for, at the very least, two years hence, be seen as cause and effect from these vaccines?
Seeing is believing so based on the unemotional evidence presented by the experts, I have firmly landed on the side of saying no to all Covid 19 vaccinations.


What about an old fashion (real) type vaccine like the Sinovax?


The only vax that has been proven to work is the small pox vaccine. It eradicated small pox. No other vax has eradicated anything but killed millions and made drug companies rich.


This is the true horror of this story, the imminent death of science and the birth of narrative driven propaganda sales reps in white coats.


There isn’t a virus called covid-19. It is a bioweapon used to kill and sterilize the whole earth. The vax is killing and harming more people than the bioweapon did.