Health Issues and 5G



By Judy Bruce


On April 8, 2019 I, Judy Bruce, a resident of Simi Valley, was interviewed by KCET for their so called “ investigating-reporting” show.   The topic was “5G”.  

Their show, “SoCal Connected”, is touted as KCET’s weekly award winning, primetime news magazine offering viewers in-depth stories on the environment, economy, health, social and community issues and other substantive topics. 

They spent several hours in my house in an interview as well as filming me in my car driving to and from a cell tower in the neighborhood.   They told me the final product would depict both sides of the story.   The camera crew then followed us to Simi Valley City Hall to hear several of our speakers give eloquent public comments about the dangers of 5G. 

When we asked when the story  would be aired, we were shocked to hear not until fall!  

It’s now fall:  Time for follow up

This was the result of the conversation I had recently with the producer of the show:

“That story is on a pause.”

“There wasn’t enough information.”

We have more important stories.”

“We are short staffed.”

So the obvious conclusion is that this idiot producer allows an industry-controlled media gatekeeper to cut one of the most substantive stories of the century!  

My response to her was:  what can be a more important  story than the following?


  • Perhaps the Greatest Health Threat of the 21st Century–
  • Smart Cities:  A front for global control. 
  • Millimeter Wave Tech Will Be a Catastrophe for Humanity. 
  • The Global Human Experiment without Consent. 
  • Internet of Things: Total Technological Control Grid 

As usual, the MSM’s silence is deafening on this killer infrastructure.   This show, like others,  are obviously not interested in health issues that really hurt people.   Based on the fact they cut the most substantive story of the  21 century, I would rename their show “SO CAL Disconnected”!


Judy Bruce is a resident of Simi Valley and spearheads Simi Valley for Responsible Growth

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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2 Responses to Health Issues and 5G

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  2. William Hicks October 12, 2019 at 12:48 pm


    I can think of far more serious concerns than 5G. I do not see the science behind your concern(s).


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