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    Here is a story that most people won’t see because it doesn’t push the radical left agenda. Wildfires are down 85% this year

    By Jack Hellner,  American Thinker

    Most years we hear a lot about wildfires in California. Instead of admitting they are cyclical and natural and that a significant number of them are caused because underbrush isn’t cleared, we are told that they are getting worse and are caused by humans and our abuse of natural resources.

    From the following Wall Street Journal article: 362,403 acres burned this year in California versus 2.6 million in 2021 and a  2.2 million average the last five years.

    My guess is most people won’t see that good news because it doesn’t scare people into submission to the radical green agenda to destroy America. They wouldn’t willingly give up their gas-powered vehicles and natural gas-heated homes if they were told that the climate is and has always changed cyclically and naturally.

    If the story came out, Governor Newsom would probably take credit for the massive reduction. As the WSJ writes:

    One of the slowest wildfire seasons in years has come to an end in the West thanks to well-timed rain and cooler temperatures, bringing a reprieve to a region hit by numerous destructive blazes over the past several years.

    The break is giving firefighters an opportunity to focus on prevention efforts such as thinning forests that could lessen damage from wildfires in the future, according to officials.

    This year was a very mild year for hurricanes, many fewer than predicted.  Named storms only got to the letter “N”. Of course, the public didn’t get that good news. either. Instead, they were told the false information that the two significant hurricanes in Florida were made stronger by humans and our use of natural resources.

    The Mississippi River is very dry this year and we are told that it is caused by us, but it is caused because storms were fewer this year. If the River were high, we would also falsely be told that it was caused by us. It is cyclical and natural. There are a lot of dry river beds throughout the U.S and World because the climate is and has always changed cyclically and naturally.

    I bet the Northeast would be happy if they weren’t getting record snow this week. Many times in the past, the radical leftists predicted snowless winters. Of course, most of the media just repeated those dire predictions, as they do all predictions with no questions asked.

    Every day the public is indoctrinated with scientific garbage that humans, coal, oil, CO2, methane , meat and other things are causing existential climate change and we have little time to save ourselves and the Earth. We have been told that we have a few years left for a long time but the drop-dead date always rolls forward because the doomsday date has always been made up. The solution is always to transfer more power and money to the government and to destroy elements of the private sector.

    The people pushing the green agenda know that the climate has always changed cyclically and naturally and don’t care.

    The older I get, the more I am amazed at the wonders of nature and how little humans can control it.

    I was looking at my 2022 calendar from the National Parks Foundation, clearly a supporter of the green agenda. The pictures were astonishing.

    For April, there was a picture of the Death Valley National Park in Nevada and California.

    The Caption for the picture reads:

    Among the mysterious landscapes of Death Valley National Park is the Racetrack-a playa or dry lakebed-best known for its strange moving rocks. Climatic changes formed the playa at least 10,000 years ago when a lake evaporated, leaving behind beige-colored mud at least 1,000 feet deep.

    Climatic changes from 10,000 years ago were obviously not caused by humans

    When the pushers of the green agenda, including most of the media, tell the public that a few years’ drought in California, Africa, or anywhere is unprecedented and caused by humans and natural resources, they are intentionally lying.

    They know that the Earth is covered by deserts because of long droughts. The lies are meant to indoctrinate the public, especially children, into submission to the government.

    It is truly pathetic that rich people fly into places like Egypt in private jets to lecture the rest of us about our carbon footprint. They tell poor countries to ask for money instead of encouraging them to develop and thrive by using natural resources.

    The wealthy pat themselves on their back while intentionally keeping people poor and starving. That is disgusting.

    Educators teach children to repeat what they are told instead of teaching them to debate and do research. It is no wonder test scores are so low since they are discouraged from educating themselves. It is the intentional dumbing down of children which will cause our great country to collapse.

    I believe that the media, educators, the wealthy and all politicians should go without using any of the thousands of products derived from crude oil for one week before they force us to do it forever. They can start with rubber tires, gasoline, and jet fuel.

    The climate change fraud dwarfs the Crypto currency fraud, Enron, Bernie Madoff and all other frauds compounded.

    There never has been one piece of scientific evidence to show a direct link between climate and oil and coal consumption but climate change pushers have never cared about facts. They care about power.

    Source Here is a story that most people won’t see because it doesn’t push the radical left agenda. Wildfires are down 85% this year

    The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of Citizens Journal


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