History Rewritten



By Michael Greer

As I watch our country being destroyed in real time, I watch looting, buildings burned, statues pulled down, I am struck by the fundamental ignorance of those marching in the streets. The total lack of knowledge of history is stunning.  Some may actually believe in taking down Confederate statues (not me. I believe in preserving history, good or bad), they may believe they are offensive, but they are taking down abolitionists, people who sacrificed their lives to end slavery. They are taking down Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson, Teddy Roosevelt, Francis Scott Key, and Texas Rangers. 

The angry mobs are saying they are going to take down the Lincoln statue in DC. Obviously, no one told them not only did Lincoln end slavery, that statue was paid for by freed slaves and dedicated by Fredrick Douglas. Do they even know who Fredrick Douglas was? Taking down that statue would be to disrespect the freed slaves. 

But slavery and racism isn’t really the point, is it? These people hate America….full stop. Their goal is not reform, it’s the overthrow of our form of government. The leaders of BLM admit they are “trained Marxist”. Is the media curious about who trained them? It’s likely the World Economic Forum’s “World Shapers” or Al Gore’s “Climate Reality”. They have been training young people in 40 cities world wide to cause chaos. Or is it foreign countries? 

I blame our education system the most. For the last 30 or 40 years our children have been indoctrinated not educated. They aren’t taught civics. They don’t know how or why our form of government works. They aren’t taught the value of our Bill of Rights or Constitution. They don’t understand why it’s the oldest most successful Constitution in the world. They don’t understand under Socialism they would not have the freedom to protest against a government they didn’t agree with. 

What history they are taught is a fragment of truth taken out of the context of the time and depicts America in the most negative light. For instance, teaching that our founders were old, White, slave owners without putting it in context. Out of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence only 8 owned slaves. Most, of not all, inherited them. And in order for them to free their slaves, they had to form the United States of America. Before that, they were under English law. 

Our kids aren’t taught that the first incarnation of the Constitution included abolishing slavery but the Southern states wouldn’t sign it. Without the Southern states joining the union the Northern states would have no authority to end slavery. But our children are taught the Constitution didn’t abolish slavery because we are racists. I hear the same exact words from Black protestors, “the Constitution wasn’t for us”. Clearly, the Federalist papers aren’t part of the curriculum. Our youth makes assumptions about the intentions of our founders when the Federalist papers explain their intentions. The founders said, “all men are created equal” (men meaning “humanity”) because they meant ALL men (humanity). 

Our schools do the same to Columbus. Of course, Columbus didn’t intend to bring diseases that Indians had no immunity to. That happened all over the world. That is how the Black Plague infected England. That era was one of exploration and migration. I find it interesting the Left condemns Columbus for migrating to America while they encourage unlimited migration now. 

What schools should be teaching is that no man is perfect and should be judged on the sum of his life, not one event. And that, no, America isn’t perfect, but we strive to be. And most Americans are good, kind, generous people who want the best for all. But our children are being taught to hate America. It isn’t difficult then to encourage them to pull down statues, loot and burn. Now that the 1619 Project and BLM has been added to the curriculum, it will only get worse. 

I’ve been reading about the World Economic Forum’s “World Shapers” and Al Gore’s “Climate Reality”. They are taking young people who have already been primed to accept America is bad. Without the foundation of objective, in context history, it is easy to wind them up. Tell them how America is “systematically racist”. Tell them Capitalism is about White Supremacy. Tell them that selfish Americans are destroying the planet. Look how angry our little Greta Thunberg is. 

This is the perfect storm the Left has been dreaming about. We have a pandemic that has shut down our economy, shut down small businesses, put 30 million out of work. Isolated people, not allowed gatherings or meetings. Banned important events like funerals, weddings, graduations, Birthday parties, etc. People are bored, disillusioned, depressed, even suicidal. Then George Floyd was killed and the flood gates opened for them. 

We always believed the Rule of Law would prevail. We believed if people broke the law they would be held accountable. But Democrat Governors and Mayors allowed the looting, burning, rock throwing, and told the police to stand down. 

Now they are demanding the defunding and dismantling of the police. The Mayor of Seattle ordered the police out of Capital Hill and allowed BLM to create CHAZ/CHOP. Interestingly the first things they did was build a wall and get guns. Do those living there, those who have businesses there have any rights at all? Isn’t it the primary job of government to protect us??? 

And where are the Republicans????? Where? Are they for this rioting, looting, burning and desecration? Are they for pulling down statues, graffiting every statue and building? Mobs pulling people out of cars and beating them? Are they for abolishing police? WHERE ARE THEY??? 

If they don’t take a stand, if each of us doesn’t take a stand NOW, we will lose this country.


Michael Greer

Michael Greer retired from the film/television industry and is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District.  Her website is: http://madderthanhell.wordpress.com/




The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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William Hicks

I see a mass of people that have too much free time on their hands. How many of them are paying their way with a job?

Or am I being racist by suggesting that?


Thank you for your well-written piece. When you ask “Where are the Republicans?”, speaking for myself, I am stunned and realize that this is an ambush I wasn’t prepared for. I wasn’t prepared for the change of mindset by the younger generations, perpetuated, in part, by the liberal agenda taught in our school system; the blatant lies spewed daily by the media; the HATE between fellow Americans. Believe me, I am prepared now and am voting Republican and getting more involved in my local politics.

Citizen Reporter

Ms. Greer, this is NOT “the work of ignorant people” …

“Confederate statues aren’t very threatening to the leftist cause, but the old progressivism, rooted in the conviction that America was a basically good country that would come to fully embody goodness, is still a competitor for the hearts and minds of the people that BLM and Antifa would like to see join them.

It’s also why the Emancipation Memorial, depicting Lincoln and a freed slave, is a threatening image. The previous assaults on Lincoln, Grant, Union commanders, and even the ‘Glory’ memorial to an African-American Civil War regiment, are not the work of ignorant people, but of radicals who are attacking the symbols of the progressive historical narrative that they hate because it undermines their agenda.”

Read more: https://www.frontpagemag.com/fpm/2020/06/marxist-mobs-are-coming-after-liberals-daniel-greenfield/