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    How To Write Effective Pet Sitting Instructions

    By Lauren Groff

    If you’re planning on leaving your pet with another person you need to remember to write them clear and concise notes that they can follow. This means being absolutely clear with every detail you can imagine. Pets are just like humans and need a routine to survive, they also need good looking after and that’s why it’s highly important to remember these if you want your pet to remain happy and not cause any unnecessary worry while you’re away.

    Include All Details

    Don’t leave anything out when writing down your instructions for your pets. While it may seem simple to look after another animal, a stranger doesn’t know the ins and outs of your pets like you do. Make sure that the notes you leave are legible and clear to understand, you don’t want to return and find your pet in distress or but the minder under any worry. List your pet’s mealtime, if they’re allowed snacks and when you should take them out for a walk. Pets can be needy and when you don’t follow a routine with them they can become uneasy with a new person around.

    Just In Case Information

    Just like a human, pets can get into tricky situations. Make sure that you leave your pet’s sitter with an in case of emergency contact details, whether it’s yours or your pets vet or another close family member, having someone to contact just in case is crucial. “Nobody wants to imagine the worst thing that could potentially happen to your pet, but everybody needs to prepare for the worst. Avoid unnecessary worry for you sitter by telling them precisely and immediately what to do in case of this situation,” writes Eddie A. Shafer, an animal writer at UKWritings and Revieweal. Make sure everything you leave out is easily accessible and clear for you sitter and go over it with them before you leave your pet with them.

    Share Their Daily Routine

    Nobody knows your pets routine like you do, share this with your pet sitter to avoid confusion or messing up your pets schedule. Dogs especially thrive off a routine, they can become irritable and act up when you start to mess with their daily lives. Be sure that whoever you are leaving your dog with knows this routine inside out and sticks to it. Whether it’s a specific time that they eat or when they need to use the bathroom, dogs need familiarity to feel safe, you don’t want them acting up when you’re not around.

    Include Commands and Instructions

    Some pets know their sits to their rollovers, some unfortunately are not trained as well. Writing out these commands that your pet understands and obeys will be useful and avoid any awkward situations for your pet sitter. From telling your pet to catch something to commanding them to follow you, it’s useful for the pet sitter to know these as well as it will make it safer and let your pet trust them more which is what you want if they become a regular at looking after your pet.

    Make It Accessible To Find Things

    Whether it’s your pets favorite toy, treats or food, letting your pet sitter know where these items can be found is invaluable. “You don’t want a situation where your pet sitter is frantically trying to contact you in order to fee your dog nor do you want your dog going hungry because you forgot to mention where their food is stored. Showing them these items is also just as useful and writing them down so they remember clearly and not bother you again should be done,” writes Mark K. Eversole, pet blogger at Ukservicesreviews and Assignment Help. Makes sure there’s a good storage of food and other necessities so that the sitter doesn’t have to go looking for them elsewhere.

    These instructions should be made clear for your pet sitter. You don’t want to return home and find that your pet has been neglected or in a worse situation. You want to make sure that they are happy in the company of this new person. These guides are essential, and it is your responsibility that they make sense to whoever agrees to look after your beloved animal.

    Lauren Groff is a professional writer at Essay Writing Services. She is featured at Via Writing and Essay writing services reviews. When she’s not writing or planning Lauren enjoys traveling, reading and attending business training courses.

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